FIN 317

My Business Venture

My Business Venture FIN 317 My Business Venture The business venture I would like to pursue is a women’s online boutique. This boutique will target only women of all shapes, sizes and styles. The location of this business will solely be online. My customers would be able to purchase directly through the website or on …

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Financing an Expansion

Financing an Expansion FIN317 Financing an Expansion I started my online women’s boutique out of my home with my own savings. Focused on women clothing of all sizes. After 12 long years I can say my business has become very successful and I now have physical locations all over the region. Starting out online and …

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Your Business Venture

The Industry The industry that a restaurant falls under is the Hospitality industry. The Hospitality industry is vast and diverse, so restaurants would further be placed into the Restaurants and Food Services industry. This subset is divided into two groups: food preparers and servers and the producers and distributors. Restaurants utilize the prepares and servers …

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The Basics of Start-Up

Start-up Costs When discussing the start-up costs of a restaurant, it is imperative to establish the type of restaurant and the size. In addition to the expenses that readily come to mind when opening a restaurant, it is crucial to remember the costs that are essential for success but easily overlooked by a novice restaurant …

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