FIN 420

Text Book Problems

Text Book Problems FIN 420 Text Book Problems So, I was at a party with Dan and Jane and both started a conversation stating how worthless insurance is when it comes to home, auto, and medical insurance. Now, what they don’t know is that although having auto insurance is the law it protects them from …

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Mutual Fund Analysis

Mutual Fund Analysis FIN 420 Mutual Fund Analysis The common stock I chose was a Vanguard mutual fund account (VTSMX) and what I found from this stock is that Vanguard is diverse in some of the top companies like Apple, IBM, and Amazon. They have 20.40% in the technology sector and 19.40% in the financial …

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Team Scenario Assignment: Team Scenario Assignment

Team Scenario Assignment FIN/420 Introduction Consider and Recommend any Insurance that is Appropriate Young people are not usually thinking about insurance when they are right out of college. For someone who is young, unmarried and childless, he or she will need very little life insurance (Garmon, 2015). Even though she may not need life insurance, it …

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Bond Ratings

Individual Bond Ratings FIN/420 Bond Ratings People who are looking for a way to earn money investing while having a reasonably liquid position look into purchasing bonds. Bonds are debt securities issued by different agencies to which earn interest. Investors must conduct the proper research before acquiring bonds. The internet takes some of the hard …

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