FIN 422

Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans FIN/422 Retirement Plans Introduction This week we got to discuss as a team the retirement plan that our employers offer and how they differ. With this discussion, we were able to see how the plans differ and determine the things that we like and do not like about each of these plans. As

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A Plan for Jonathan

A Plan for Jonathan FIN/422 A Plan for Jonathan There are many pros and cons to running a small business, with one of the most important aspects being a long-lasting financial plan. This is important because it can help keep the business productive, as well as, motivate the employees to stay loyal to the company.

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Employee Retirement Plan Development – PowerPoint

Employee Retirement Plan Development FIN/422 Agenda IntroductionIntegrating various factors and variable needed to determine final balance in relation to pay Hypothesize how results can be considered for a possible modification of the plan designDecide what data may be needed from the participants to better assess possible plan strategiesDecide what additional data may need to be

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The Employer’s Choice PowerPoint Presentation

The Employer’s Choice FIN/422 Agenda IntroductionWhy the Time is Now!Key Components of Plan OfferedHypothetical Employee Target (recent college grad)Analyze how the plan is competitive in terms of providing an important life event benefitDetermine if the hypothetical employee will have enough funds to retire using this planConclusion Introduction “They always say time changes things ,but you

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