My Research Experience and Goals

My Research Experience and Goals

GEN103: Information Literacy

The last time I could remember doing researches was back in high school which is over 14 years ago. I don’t remember much about what we needed to research back then, the only experience I can really think of doing research not too long ago was at my last job. Since I worked at a Staffing Company we faced many challenges on filling the job orders we had from different clients. We hired people for the Toyota plant, Warehouses, Forklift operators, CDL Drivers and many other production jobs. One day we were falling behind on our Class A CDL Driver order and my manager was starting to freak out a little bit because we hadn’t been successful in finding the right candidates for the driving jobs. The client was getting upset and was telling him he was going bring this issue up to the owner of the company if we didn’t hurry and get the people he needed. One day he sat down with me and asked for me to assist him with doing some research on different websites that the company can benefit by hiring certain skilled workers. So, I started my search online and researched a few website sites that was just for drivers looking for jobs. After researching the websites and the pricing information that I felt would be good for the company I sat down with my manager and went over it with him. He let me take charge and choose the one that I felt would be most helpful. After checking the company reviews and status making sure it was a legit company, I went ahead and setup the account with them and brought the people we needed in and we ended up filling our orders. The client was surprised and satisfied at our quick turnaround. It was basically a website where they post their resumes on and we would call or email them with our information and have them come apply at our office.

When I enrolled with Ashford University I was ready to learn thinking this would be a piece of cake, I didn’t realize all the courses I needed to take to get my Human Resources Management degree. My last course and this course seem a bit difficult for me. The last school I was enrolled in was Kaplan and went for my Paralegal certificate a few years ago. It was a nine-month course that only taught us what we needed to know for paralegal course. In the past I have never had to make an annotated bibliography and just the thought of it concerns me. I watched the video and looked at the example provided, and it still scares me a bit. One thing that excites me about the annotated bibliography is learning something new and getting it done the right way. I am always up to learning new things but at times if I’m not understanding it well I tend to lose interest and feel as I’m doing it all wrong. The part of summarizing properly and providing the proper resources makes me hope I provide the correct information. But I’m ready to give it my all.

I enrolled at Ashford to get my degree in Human Resources Management. After working in Staffing for thirteen years I felt it would be a great idea to get my degree in HR. I know there are many topics to consider for my annotated bibliography to go with Human Resources. One that I am strongly considering is Dating in the Workplace. I have witnessed it happen and most cases it turns out causing major drama. Many companies frown upon dating in the workplace as it may cause many problems for the company and the employees in the workplace not just the one’s dating. But there’s also the many employees that still do it and might be able to get away with it. There are many pros and cons to this. I believe this will be a great topic to write about.

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