GEN 102

Technology Self-Assessment

Technology Self-Assessment GEN 102 Digital Literacy for Life and the Workplace Technology Self-Assessment Modern society uses a wide range of devices such as desktops, laptops, and smartphones to access online classes (Sole & Jackson, 2016). The advantages of desktops are affordable; having more power and features to use various programs and software such as video …

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Understanding Digital Citizenship Worksheet

Week Two Understanding Digital Citizenship Worksheet Student Name: Purpose: Use this worksheet to identify and demonstrate good digital citizenship skills. Prepare: Read Section 4.1 in Module 4 and review the Netiquette Rules found in the Course Policies, About Discussions area of your classroom. Write: Below there are three scenarios. Read each of the scenarios and …

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Tiny Hearts Preschool and Childcare – PowerPoint Presentation

Tiny Hearts Preschool and Childcare Amy TownsProfessor GrahamBuilding Your Personal Brand: Tiny Heart Preschool and Childcare DIRECTOR OWNER Provide challenging learning experiences from well-balanced curriculum program that fosters a desire for the quest of knowledge and a zest for learning Provide social experiences with peers and adults, which develop knowledge of human relations and interactions …

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