Global Warming Asssignment

Global Warming




Global warming is caused by pollutants such asCO2 which accumulates in the atmosphere. They trap the sun’s heat since it acts as a blanket hence causing the planet to warm up. This endangers human health,communities,economy and national security.

Global Warming

Global warming manifests itself with changes in heat level,drought,storms and fire. The main cause of this is carbon pollution through ways such as burning fossils such as coal,oil and natural gases for energy. In production of pastures and plantations through cutting down trees and burning forests also constitute to global warming. This way carbon accumulates and fills the atmosphere with time.This is a risk as it creates irreversible changes such as future climate changes and a fate of future generations.

It manifests itself currently through extreme weather conditions,rise in sea levels,glaciers disappearing and polar ice,corol damage, migration of wildlife and change in their health and increment in activities and more diseases. It affects and endangers economy,health and the ecosystem which human entirely depends on. Some of their effects include;

Effects of global warming

Global warming causes the summer to become hotter than usual which in turn kills human beings. An example is Europe where in July and August of 2003 where approximately 27000 people died.This was also accompanied by drought and wildfires. Huge losses reported in the various sectors of the economy like agriculture,electric power sectors and forestry.

Global warming also cause heavy rains and floods by altering the amount of rainfall recorded progressively. This is evident with high or low monthly rainfall, landslides and flooding like it happened in Venezuela in December 1999 and Maiquetia.

It results in changes in temperature (high temperature) causes droughts for a number of years like it happened from 1998 to 2002 in various continents. This cause waters to warm up in oceans and in the pacific’s. For survival animals and insects migrates to search for new inhabitants. The heat and drought catalyze forest fires like it happened in Alaska in 2004.

With time, global warming cause sea level to rise this continues and accelerates consecutively. As a result of huge chunks of lands (10002miles) may be lost and floods serge become worse. Measures to curb this will be costly since it will entail building of physical barriers like seawalls.


Establishment of clean air act by forming emission and fuel economy standards for car fuel to cut fuel use and emission from new cars. This will ensure we have cleaner air and a safer environment. Invest in green jobs and clean energy. This includes wind and solar and also energy efficiency programs and reconstructing. Manufacturing plants can work out for the better.Solar panels and wind turbines and installing in homes will produce more jobs than other investment in the same sectors such as in oil and gas (Bradshaw&Holzapfel, 2001).

Drive smarter cars. Cars that drive on electricity example is plug-in hybrids and scots RAV4 which cut on usage of oil, reducing global pollution and saves on money.Creating green homes and buildings which include retrofitting with solar panels hence saving more oil and gas. Shorter drive means less money, gas and walking much is healthier, safer and friendlier. This will slow down global warming (Reynolds, 2005).


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