HCS 405

Future Issues in Health Care Funding

Future Issues in Health Care Funding Lauren Hazely, Kimberly Nicholson, Margarita Pino, Carmelle Tanazi & Angela White HCS/405 Technology Impact Technology is the gateway to advancements, innovative ideas, solutions, and concepts for the overall success within the medical field. Furthermore, new developmental techniques and innovative advancements will continue to change the face of health care …

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Simulation Paper

Simulation Paper Sarah Adams HCS/405 04/23/2018 Jack Heine When looking at finances as a manager it is important to have all of the correct information. In this simulation paper we will discuss the capital shortage of the medical clinic. We will discuss how I analyzed how to cost cutting options that were selected and why. …

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Simulation Review

HCS/405 What was the working capital shortage presented in the simulation? The working capital shortage presented in this simulation of EHC addresses the issue that may arise should the facility fall into an emergency as it may not have enough cash to sustain itself. These shortfalls can be seen through the significant discounts allotted to …

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