HCS 545

Executive Committee Presentation

Executive Committee Presentation Introduction HIPPA Compliance 1996 Decreases health care fraud and abuseCommands industry-wide standards for health care information on electronic billing and other processesRequires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information www.icd-10compliance.com Response to Situation Per HIPAA Regulations (1996): Privacy, Security, and HITECH (2009) Individual NoticeMedia NoticeNotice to the SecretaryNotification of a …

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Health Care Laws Policies and Regulations Timeline

Healthcare Laws, Policies, and Regulations Timeline HCS/545 Healthcare Laws, Policies, and Regulations Timeline Healthcare is one of the fastest growing and evolving industries. Throughout the years, there have been numerous laws, policies, and regulations which affect healthcare today. Many of the laws, policies, and regulations governing healthcare has changed over time and new ones have …

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Ethical Self-Assessment Paper

Ethical Self-Assessment Paper HCS/545 December 2016 Ethical Self-Assessment Paper People make decisions on a daily basis. Some of these decisions affect only the individual making them, yet other decisions affect other people. In the healthcare field, administrators are charged with making decisions that affect not only the healthcare organization and its employees but also the …

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Health Policy Letter

Health Policy Letter HCS/545 Health Policy Letter Dear Mr. /Ms. Legislator: I am writing you today with grave concerns regarding healthcare associated infections (HAIs); an important health issue which adversely impacts patient safety and outcomes. As the administrator of QRS Healthcare Organization, a non-profit healthcare organization, one of my main duties and responsibilities involves improving …

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Signature Assignment Health Law, Regulation, and Policy Paper

Signature Assignment: Health Law, Regulation, and Policy Paper HCS/545 Health Law, Regulations, and Policy Paper All Americans need protection and preventative measures to safeguard their livelihood and health laws, regulations, and policies do just that. The United States government regulates these laws with the hope of improving the health of the public while developing the …

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Malpractice Manual

Malpractice Manual HCS/545 January 2017 Malpractice Manual Medical malpractice is an issue in the health care industry that needs to not only be taken very seriously, but also addressed appropriately. Medical practice not only ruins the life of the patients and their family, but also the lives of the physicians involved and can severely damage …

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