health capstone week 5 db

This class been one of the most educative in learning the various principles contained in the U.S healthcare systems. Another compelling topic is learning ethical principles in an organizations such healthcare systems. This aids in developing etiquette in handling various healthcare jobs. Hence makes management of the organization easier (Morrisey, 2011).

I want to thank our instructor Wanda Fletcher for the support and guidance throughout the course it has been good as we have learned several things throughout the class. I don’t have any questions that need clarification and I would like to say that the method of teaching is good.

To conclude, I would like to thank all my classmates for one of the best discussion we had. All the corrections, additions and comments helped in adding health management knowledge.


Morrisey, A. (2011). Medical Reforms and Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance premiums. Journal of American Medical System, 54-59.

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