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HMG 6446 Learning Activity 7

Learning Activity 7 What were XYZ’s three questions that addressed growth? 1. How can XYZ maximize its marketing dollars to acquire and retain customers? 2. How can it leverage its information-rich customer database containing tens of millions of unique customers across multiple brands while respecting individual hotel brand identities? 3. What customer-facing initiative can it […]

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HMG 6446 Learning Activity 2

Define Hospitality Extraordinaire’s strategy. How does IT factor into this strategy to support or enable it? Hospitality Extraordinaire is a pioneer in the lodging industry. Their success has come from the company’s ability to effectively utilize its resources in an everchanging business market. Their strategy utilizes IT to compete with and stay ahead of the

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HMG 6446 Chapter 6 Learning Activity

Chapter 6 Learning Activity Perspective Measurements Financial Revenue, return of capital, sales growth Customer Repeat usage, customer satisfaction, profitability Internal business process Distribution and customer acquisition costs, innovation, traffic and conversion rates, volume of reservations booked Learning and growth Employee retention, training, skills, morale Although Hotel Elegante does not want to jeopardize their relationship with

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HMG 6446 Activity 3

7. Both guests and employees use the same network – These networks should be separated to help prevent private information (read credit card numbers) from potentially being hacked. What should Julie do first? Julie should immediately put some type of lock on the door of the server room. Chapter 4 reading says that most breaches

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HMG 6446 Activity 1

Q.1: It could be said that technology is just a tool for hospitality practitioners to provide excellent guest services. Please cite examples of how technology systems may be used to produce this outcome (5 Points). Aside from having the right people to provide excellent guest service I would say having the right technology is the

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