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Leadership Profile

HN347-01 Public Personnel Administration




Being a leader is a tough job, it doesn’t mean you are struck or become a dictator, but you simply motivate and inspire individuals to follow with your visions.

Summary of Leadership Areas

Managing StressBeing a business owner, I deal with many stressors such as, call outs, complaints, scheduling issues, money loss, I manage my stress by taking three times a day to sit down clear my mind. Working in Groups & TeamsI use to have the hardest time working with others because I like to do things on my own because I am independent and have a hard time relying on others to get the work done. Today I have learned to love working with others having the help is more of a blessing then a curse. As a leader many will look to me for advice on where to start wCommunicating Effectively w/ Others When it comes to communicating with others, I am a lot better than I use to be. I use to be to assertive and wouldn’t never let others get a word in, but today I have learned to take a step back and allow others to speak and be heard.







Summary of Leadership Areas






Summary of Leadership Areas


Managing Stress: As a leader I know when to walk away from a situation that can cause stress. Working in Groups & Teams: As a leader I am working with many individuals, its important to know how to manage all types of individuals =.Communicating Efficiently w/Others: As a leader I understand that I am working with many different attitudes and although I may not like how I maybe talked to, I have to effectively communicate with all individuals to set forth a good example.




Summary of Leadership Strengths

Throughout this course I have learned that I am an effective leader, I am optimistic and hold high hopes that even when there are situations that are hard to handle I will figure it out and push forward. Being a leader does not mean your just in charge, you are actually leading individuals, meaning they will follow in your footsteps. With that being said its important that you are creating a positive and safe environment for your employees.





Leadership Opportunities






One area that I could use growth would be my ability to listen to my employees. Not just when they are talking to me, but with other employees as well. Sometimes I am so busy running my business that when someone is asking to speak to me although I say yes, I may be too busy to fully listen. Also I want to listen to my employees when they work as well because I was to make sure they are not spreading drama and keeping my work place as positive as possible.

Organizational Leadership




Mission Statement



As your leader, it is my mission to provide the upmost positive interaction when presenting myself in any situation. I will always provide a listening ear with a smile on my face. I will lead you in ways I would want to be leaded and do so until I feel accomplished.









I am a business owner and have been leading many people for a while now, but I have learned throughout this class that there are still things I need to work on, for example I have a hard time listening to others and I put forth a stubborn mean face that is not always welcoming. I need to learn how to express myself in a way that makes others around me comfortable and feel safe coming to me. As a boss I know how important it is to stay stern so that employees do not become too comfortable and feel they can walk all over you. On the other hand you do not want to make then uncomfortable where they feel they cant speak to you because you come off negative with your expressions.






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