Diverse Communities

HN370 Child Welfare and Family

Diverse Communities

Unit 5 Assignment

This is a tricky topic for me, I grew up in foster care, and was in and out of group homes with that being said I grew up around many different individuals who believed many different things, so I was more like Switzerland. I don’t have a cultural preference I literally live day to day. To be more specific, I have children and I obviously have some ideas about how I want them to be raised, for example I want them to be respectful to their peers saying “please and thank you” and I also want my children to grow up valuing life, because I thought I wouldn’t have one because of how I grew up, so I want instill in them that living every day to its fullest is not just a saying. Something else that I want to express is that there are many cultures that rely on the men to work and bring in the money, while women cook and clean the homes. This is not how I live, because I am a single parent, I take on all the tasks and its shaped me into a strong independent woman who has the confidence to do just as men would do.

While I was exploring different cultural preferences, I found African America culture to be interesting. When you hear about African American you instantly think about slavery, black lives matter, and the civil rights movement. African Americans are one of the largest of ethnic groups within the United States. I wasn’t surprised to read that Black individuals were brought here to be forced to work. African Americans work hard to prove themselves to others because they are instantly placed into a negative category based on their skin color.

Cultural competence is having the ability to communicate and interact with individuals that come from other cultures. It is important to be culturally competent because being able to mesh with other cultures whether it’s the African American, Asian, Latino, or any other culture. Being about to communicate and feel comfortable approach someone from another culture is important.

When you are thinking about getting a new job and you are worried because of the vase differences within the employees and their cultures, Its important to be culturally competent within work as will, you should be aware of an individual’s attitude, how they carry themselves, and how to communicate with them effectivity. This can be tricky if you are working with individuals who speak different languages.

There are a few ways you can become culturally competent if you find yourself struggle. This first thing that I would suggest is learning about who you are, explore your own history and where you come from. Figure out what you find your own cultural preferences to be. This can really help you relate to other cultures and find more ways to communicate in a positive way. This leads me to talking about how interacting with diverse groups can also help you become culturally competent. Working with other individuals or surrounding yourself with people you are unfamiliar with, this can broaden your knowledge. If you are looking for a special culture to follow and learn about, you can see out groups that are specifically made for them.

Human service professionals need to be able to understand and have the knowledge of the client’s cultural background. It’s important for human service leaders to appreciate the fact that each client will have a different background and cultural preference and when you are working with them you should be able to identify the different ways to communicate with the client. If you however aren’t sure you can service a client based on their cultural beliefs, then you should speak to your supervisor and see if your client can be giving to another human service worker. As a human service professional, you should be able to recognize a client and the strengths within the community.


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