HRM 560 week 6 discussion: Change and Culture

Week 6 Discussion – “Change and Culture

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Read the article titled “Sustaining Change in Manufacturing Companies”. Next, review the list of eleven (11) factors which impact the sustainability of change. Reflect on a change that you implemented or was implemented at an organization with which you are familiar that was not sustainable. Comment on the factors of sustaining change that were not included in the change process. How would you address the key factors which the organization missed and ultimately lead to the change being reversed?

The company I currently work for implemented a change a little before I started my position that did not last very long. Before I started with the Aramark HR Operations team, they were all split into separate functions based on what we do. When I became an intern, the functions became whatever was heavy took precedence and there were no distinct teams. Once the summer rush ended, we had a meeting that involved what worked and what did not work. This lead to the team becoming separated back into distinct groups based on the functions in which we performed. The summer rush of hiring for colleges and k-12 education taught us that we needed the distinction between teams because when we caught up with one function, the others were falling short. The factors that contributed to the original change, and reverting back to the old ways, were Cultural and Processual. The management team was not prepared for the large intake of hiring that we did this previous summer and it caused a lot of overtime hours and weekends worked. By having distinct groups within our team that performed certain functions, it allows all of the workflow we receive to get the attention it deserves while keeping our performance high. We are currently still working in distinct groups based on the individual functions our team does, to include maintaining individual employee records, the hiring of employees and coordination of managing all intake through our team. The key factors that I would address is the lack of preparation that was established before the hiring fiasco came. Instead of preparing all of the team, we were hit all at once, with everything needing to be done. Some people worked over 60 hours in a week and we still did not catch up until a month after the numbers started going down from where they were.