HRM Assignment: Modern Times


Q.1. The film “Modern times” portraits which historical period?

The film “modern Times” portrait is a 1936 comedy which shows a huge clock with second hand moving inexorably towards the top of the hover. This symbolizes that people live under the tyranny of mechanism measures by the time that is the dictatorship of the clock.

Q.2. What is the name of the paradigm of the work organization?

The name of the paradigm of the work organization features a huge ticking clockwork paradigm Chaplin momentarily uses the backside of a curvy secretary who has bent over as a shelf for tools, visually blurring the line between human and tool in subtle mockery of the dehumanizing and incomplete mechanical employee paradigm. Charlie also struggles with a machine frightening to gigantic gears.

Q3. Describe the culture of the company?

The culture of the company makes way for human as the workers emerge from the subway route to factory. As they punch their time cards and assume the position of the ‘worker bee’, we get a glimpse of what ails many of today’s modern organizations. It also focuses on the oppressed assembly-line factory workers that is nearly driven crazy

Q.4. Describe the relationship between management, supervisors and employees?

The relationship between management, supervisors and employees is that the boss of the company where Charlie works requires high speed without considering the consequences on the physical and mental health of his workers. He never addresses them directly but he always does this through interposed screen. On the hand the command and control behavior remains persuasive in the organization as technology continues to be dumped on the worker in the hopes of increasing productivities and efficiencies. Again employees, supervisors and managers work together to meet individual, department and company goals therefore each person contributes to the overall success or demise of the team, department or company and each one must understand the duties and responsibilities related to his/her position.

Q.5.How is control taken care of? Time, product quality…

This is taken care of in that the time, product quality, work starts inside the spotless and highly automated factory of the electro steel corporation under the supervision of top manager who observes the entire operation on television screens. A foreman sets in motion of the central machine and the various assembly line.

Q.6. what is the role of women in this company?

The role played by women in this company is that somewhere, factory workers, secretaries and girlfriends to Charlie Chaplin become his third wife, unlike the previous two; she was strong enough to survive the experience and part company without bitterness.

Q.7. What is the impact of the work environment on the main actor- Charlie Chaplin-in the role of the worker?

The impact of the worker environment on the main actor-Charlie Chaplin-in the role of the work is that Chaplin as a factory worker employed on as assembly line is subjected to such indignities as being force-fed by a modern feeding machine and an accelerating assembly line where he screws nuts at an ever – increasing rate onto pieces of machinery. Finally he suffers a nervous breakdown and runs amok, throwing the factory into chaos.

Q.8. What are Charlie’s tasks?

Charlie’s job task is to carry out day-to-day customer service responsibility of retail sales. His personality and altitude represents and consistently demonstrates Charlie’s core value. He is responsible for assisting general sales by assembling line feeding machines and assembling line where he screw nuts at …

Q.9. What KASOCs (Knowledge …) does he need to perform his job well?

He must be motivated, have off the job training and on the job training must be trained how to operate the machine effectively.

Q.10. How would you improve his job environment?

The workplace environment affects how employees feel about their jobs and can influence their work habits. The physical environment is one factor that can affect employee productivity but the way the staff members interact and how they are treated plays a great role in the overall work climate. Therefore we can improve his job environment by motivating him enough, he should have safety measures, must be put in place and employees must be motivated.

He should walk through the workplace to inspect the physical environment, make a list and start working on those improvements. He should meet with employees to determine areas for improvement in the workplace then look for suggestions on physical improvement as well as improvement on staff relations and managerial practices…