HS415 Unit 9 Assignment

Unit 9 Assignment Purdue University Global HS415 Environmental Health Unit 9 Assignment A vector is defined by the World Health Organization as “a living organism that can transmit infectious diseases between humans or from animals to humans.” All over the world, vector borne diseases are cause of serious problems. They account of 17% of all […]

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Solid Waste

              SOLID & HAZARDOUS WASTE Kaplan University HS415 SOLID WASTE ​Solid waste consist of multiple trash items that has been thrown away in any way such as the normal way, by trash pick up or buy land pollution. Solid waste or trash consist of the numerous forms, such as food scraps, cigarettes buds, old clothes

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HS415 Unit 7 Assignment

Unit 7 Assignment Purdue University Global HS415 Environmental Health Unit 7 Assignment Environmental justice is important in order ensure all people regardless of ethnicity, nationality, race, or income receive fair treatment in regards to environmental issues. It often involves ethical decision making due to it concerning people and the possibility of some being treated unfairly

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              APPLICATION ASSESSMENTS Kaplan University HS415 SHALOM MEMORIAL APPLICATION ASSESSMENTS PART 1:  Application  What is the purpose of this type of application?  Best for Inpatient or Outpatient Departments? What is one brand/vendor that you can find online that seems to fill this need? EHR To make the healthcare information



              MASTER PATIENT IDENTITY Kaplan University HS415 MASTER PATIENT IDENTITY ​The meaning of MPI is master patient identity, which is an electronic database storage that holds all medical the information for the patient.  Unfortunately, anything electronic can be tampered with because it runs on a network.  Which mean the


Environmental Polution

         Environmental PollutionsKaplan UniversityHS415           Environmental PollutionAir Pollution:​There are several factors causing major pollution in the air, which is divided into two sources, man-made sources and natural sources. The examples of man-made sources of air pollution is vehicle smog, industrial plants that releases heavy abrasive dust like things into the air.  On a daily basis, we as humans pollute the environment by

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Romaine Lettuce Outbreak 2018

Unit 2 Assignment HS415 Environmental Health Romaine Lettuce Outbreak 2018 Beginning in April 2018, there was an outbreak of E. coli that was associated with romaine lettuce. The romaine lettuce originated from the region of Yuma, Arizona. After an environmental assessment, it was discovered that this was the “largest outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 the U.S. has

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HS210 Unit 1 Assignment

Unit 1 Assignment HS210 Medical Office Management   What is the importance of becoming a nationally credentialed medical assistant? Being a nationally credentialed medical assistant, clearly means that one is a certified medical assistant but it also means that the one has all then necessary knowledge, training and skills for the job. If one person

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    E.H.R. PROPOSALS   HS415 U8    PART 1:  HIPAA TRAINING OUTLINE ​When it comes to patient’s information, it’s best to know the importance of keeping their information private and safe. It’s aspoken and unspoken trust between the patient and the staff working here at Shalom Memorial.  In this outline, I will highlight 3 pointers that the


Types of Pollution

              Types of Pollution Kaplan University HS415                       Types of Pollutions Chemical Pollution ​When speaking about chemicals, you think about physical chemicals that you use around the house such as bleach, detergents, hand soap as well as other household

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