HSA 510

Introduction to Public Policy Analysis

Course Title: PAD 510: Introduction to Public Policy Analysis Course Title: PAD 510: Date: Introduction(Assignment 1) The paper examines the historical perspectives of the health care policies of Presidents Bill Clinton (Health Security Act) and Barack Obama (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) vis-a vis the social, economic, and political contexts under which the plans …

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Course Takeaway

“Course Takeaway”   Reflect upon three (3) aspects of the course that resonated for you. Describe the manner in which you have grown personally and professionally as a result of completing this course. Three aspects of this course the resonated for me was: The Population & Individual Health Measures: I never knew researched how particular demographic …

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The Healthcare Market

Introduction People in the world today view health in many different ways, especially when sometimes it is hard to distinguish what is being healthy and unhealthy. Many do not enjoy the visit to the doctor office, but know it is a mandatory treatment for the well-being of a person. Being healthy has many different ways …

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