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Generalization Name: Course: Lecturer: Date due: Generalization While I was doing my usual early morning rounds on the internet streets I stumbled upon an interesting online newspaper article. The title of the article was terrorism and radical Islam in East Africa generally, Kenya specifically. I am a great fan of current affairs, hence I couldn’t …

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Intellectual standards

Clarity is one of the intellectual standards that I find so useful in reasoning. As a student, developing clear and easily understandable thoughts has been very useful in my learning process. Asking questions, which is part of learning necessitates that the question be not unclear, if one is to get helpful answers. Giving examples is …

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Problem solving skills

Dealing with problems is not something that most people would want to entertain on a daily basis. Problems can be energy-sapping and nerves fraying, especially if you are endlessly stumbling from one problem to another. That’s why it is important to have good problem solving skills. Admittedly, something that I am not so much excelling …

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In any learning process, questions are deemed to rise. In a class presentation that I was undertaking, I gave a chance for the class to ask questions that would help the class understand the concept I was presenting better. I received almost all kinds of questions; some were very objective, others painfully stupid, while others …

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21 Synectic steps

Creating a short story using 21 synectics steps It is not uncommon to come across someone vibrating with and excited about a new idea, thinking about how that idea is the next big thing. But I have to sadly say some ideas remain just that, ideas. Creative writing is one area that has suffered and …

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EGOCENTRICITY I am being brutally honest when I say I don’t like being contradicted. My ego is the size of a football pitch. Needless to say, if you contradict me, I look to see if you are correct. This trait has enabled me stumble on new information that otherwise I would not have known without …

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