Development and Literacy Assignment Paper

Development and Literacy Assignment Paper


Development and Literacy Assignment Paper

Mass media has developed significantly over the past century at vast speeds that surprised humans. Major advancements are due to ever-evolving technology. American culture has been at the forefront of this evolution. There has been a major leap forward regarding the way we received and transmitted information from methods such as newspapers and magazines in the past. d has occurred from a time period before the last 120 years. We may even backdate as far as Egypt and its hieroglyphic writings on the walls, nevertheless this paper will address some of the key elements of the mass media in today’s world, the world of the television, satellite radio, and the world wide web.

Communication is the traveling of information from one source to a receiver. During the communication process, there is a message being delivered through a channel. This message is received by a receiver and if there is any feedback from the receiver, then such feedback is delivered back to the source. In modern-day communication moves fast, multiplies rapidly and it travels faster than one can imagine. Since the birth of mass media in the 1900s much growth has taken place and it is only growing more and more each day. In the span of 120 years significant milestones have been reached, thanks to the first known successful transmitting device “the radio”. Discovered in 1901. (Bellis, 2015). The radio became the source of communication around the world, in world war II, the radio provided everyone across the globe with the report battles, and current to date information on battle defeats and victories. Later advertising over the radio was introduced which would later attract all businesses to market via radio advertisements. FM radio became so popular that by the 1930’s it was patented. In 1934 the Communication art and the Federal Radio Commission (FRC) was introduced. It replaced the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

1940 was one of the best developing years for TV. Shading TV screen including red, green, and blue was discovered and became very popular. It changed American Culture so significantly due to broadcast network understand that shading programming expanded evaluations and individuals spent a lot of time sitting in front of the TV. The advertising platforms now had a chance to use visual imagery of the products being offered. Due to this finding, many businesses flocked toward advertising over to the TV. TV shading gave birth to Shading photography which was designed in 1907 by Auguste and Louis Lumiere. (Bellis, 2015).

In the 1980s Apple Macintosh designed the principal PC, and the World Wide Web was enlivened in the 1990s. Technology over the past decade has just boomed and boomed and growing at an ever-expanding fast pace. The world wide web today has changed the way people think, act and behave. The information that is accessible and in the palms of our hands is just unbelievable. In recent years, American culture has grasped broad communications because of its association with innovation. America has stood on the frontline of innovation and new world thought of technology mainly in the area on the Internet Innovation and it has enabled the development of broad communications to quickly progress. Due to internet innovation, TV and film in America have seen much growth and improvement. TV permitted everybody a visual image of the conditions going on around the entire globe. Broad communications improvement individuals have found in the previous century that different approaches to impact developments through broad communication are very effective. Email, texting, web visiting, informal communication, and promoting interface with the elements of the Internet. Today, American culture has built its dependence on the Internet to remain associated with family and companions and to acquire data progressively. Today, anybody can make a website and put themselves and their data on the Internet. (Baron, 2017)

American culture has changed with respect to information that was once imprinted on paper. As alternatives have duplicated, American culture has moved how Americans read papers as an online variant ended up accessible. American’s liked to peruse content by means of online variants of numerous mainstream papers including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. While print magazines are yet accessible in constrained structure, pretty much every magazine accessible was changed over to an online adaptation. Americans could now peruse magazines online on subjects, for example, article, home stylistic theme, child rearing, cooking, high design, sports, superstar tattle, financial, political, thus substantially more. This was a radical change in American culture. (Baron, 2017)

The Internet changed how quickly one may acquire data., every second of everyday news and data is being refreshed, giving a reviving change. Today, American culture is totally reliant on the Internet as the essential wellspring of data. The world has become so depended on the internet that if the internet was to ever vanish or become nonexistent the earth might face an economic crisis.

Media Convergence

According to Campbell, Martin, and Fabos (2015), the significance of intermingling is, “the chronicled advancement of media and correspondence that can be followed through a few covering stages or times in which fresher types of innovation disturbed and altered more seasoned structures” (Culture and the Evolution of Mass Communication, pg. 6). Media convergence is a combination of content across different media channels. It is common in media convergence for one to see older media content on a newer platform. In summary, Media convergence is when all deferent platforms such as newspapers, broadcast, and internet outlets are all under the same roof or ownership, this might even be global. Media convergence affects everyday life in the sense of convenience. Although humans might think that having many media platforms under one umbrella is convenient to the consumer it has its negative effects also. When one ownership controls the information then the message must be biased, the information most of the time is skewed and therefore it is the responsibility of each and every critical thinking human being to gather all the facts before forming an opinion.

Media literacy is important as information in its raw nature is being transmitted via a channel in the form of a message as discussed earlier in the article. This channel in most cases is biased and it is important for human beings to use the utmost critical thinking skills when receiving the information. Media today is very biased, and the message should always be further researched for a deeper understanding.


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