HUM 186

Effects on News Media

Effects on news media HUM/186 Effects on news media •Do the news and information media have an obligation to be socially responsible, or is it expendable in the name of the greater good? Please justify your answer. The data media has an extraordinary duty to society. Since the media presents data to the general public, …

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Social Media and Me

Social media and me HUM/186 Social media and me My career goal is to become an attorney specializing in construction law. A good friend of mine is an attorney who specializes in Criminal justice law. I often ask him questions about his networking methods and how he markets himself to get new clients. He tells …

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Entertainment Media Pitch

Entertainment Media Pitch HUM/186 Entertainment Media Pitch The Real Prison Lawyer. Proposal: The Real Prison Lawyer reality TV show takes place in California jails and prisons across the Golden State. The production crew film main actor Attorney Martin Saville in actual jail cells, interviewing and advising clients of their rights and laws pertaining to their …

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Development and Literacy Assignment Paper

Development and Literacy Assignment Paper HUM/186 Development and Literacy Assignment Paper Mass media has developed significantly over the past century at vast speeds that surprised humans. Major advancements are due to ever-evolving technology. American culture has been at the forefront of this evolution. There has been a major leap forward regarding the way we received …

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Effects of Advertising – PowerPoint Presentation

Effects of AdvertisingUniversity of PhoenixHUM/186 Effects of Advertising Food represents of a city’s culture largely. Eating authentic food of a particular culture is a great way of learning a lot about that culture. (Emeril Lagasse) How is fast food advertised? BillboardsCommercialsFlyersMagazinesRadioSocial MediaWord of Mouth Who determines ethical standards for advertising InternetRadioTelevision Federal Law states that …

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