Human Resources and Staffing Crisis at Blumbergs Nursing Home

Blumberg’s Nursing Home is a 100-bed health facility in suburban Philadelphia, PA. The nursing home is a Medicaid and Medicare certified facility as well. The administration needed to let go 3 critical positions from the staff; the Director of Nursing (DON), receptionist, alongside the dietary aid, for improper conduct. They all been engaging with purchasing unlawful substances on facility property. What exacerbates the situation more is that the patient in the facility and other staff members has heard about what has occurred.

Staffing needs at BNH and a human resources policy that addresses inappropriate conduct in the workplace, the process of reporting inappropriate conduct, and the consequences of violating the policy

The first required request of business is for Blumberg’s leadership to employ another DON since the interim charge nurse isn’t a RN. Next, will be the dietary aid in light of the fact that there are most likely numerous residents who have dietary limitations and adjustments that should be followed. So that is certainly something essential that should be dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Last, I would then hire a receptionist, as the staff ought to have the capacity to help cover a portion of the receptionist obligations until a new receptionist is hired. In tending to the issues of the improper conduct from the staff, I feel that it was an incredible plan to assemble a staff meeting to talk about as well as re-set up the code of morals to all of the staff members. The leaders should guarantee that the staff comprehends everything that is talked about and even get the code of conduct printed and signed by the staff.

I would proposal a human resource policy and make sure to centred around staff improvement. When considering staff improvement, I think for that to normally mean finding a way to prepare the staff in many ways while giving them the knowledge and tools to do so. Improved learning and tools within the company assumes a basic part in building great employees and qualities that I think each healthcare facility needs in any sort of condition. While thinking about the staff, I believe staff improvements must go a long past simply enhancing fundamental skills. The primary objective of staff improvements ought to be to make the staff can be beneficial to patients and other staff members from the time their shift starts to the time it ends. I imagine that moving toward staff improvement from this wide point of view can pay out with better quality, enhanced resolutions, and accountability.

I believe something that is critical in Blumberg’s facility training ought to be to help incorporate the staff understanding of the nursing home’s vision, mission, and qualities. I can only imagine that Blumberg’s new staff member specifically ought to get proper lessons and training in the office’s guidelines, policy, procedures, and arrangements. Blumberg’s training ought to likewise incorporate other vital aspects, for example, work safety, collaboration, patient relations, family relations, and quality management. (Singh, 2016). In addition i trust that there is an immediate relationship between the staff members who act mindfully in their work and home lives, who are likewise liable to be dependable and dedicated at work. I do believe there are numerous family and other issues that can influence how the staff are each day, and I do believe for all of us at one point or another it is difficult to separate them. I believe having someone that the staff can talk to would be a great idea to combat these issue as well as having off campus programs such as family planning, and financing offered by Blumberg Nursing Home.

When it comes to reporting violations of the human resource policies, I would ensure that I had an unidentified path set up so staff members can report these things that they feel strongly about to administration. Next, I believe that there should be levels to assess the violations made by employee and have them recognize whenever these violations happen. For an example, in the event that your director is victimizing you in view of your race or national origin or something else you ought to go to Human Resource and document an official complaint. HR is will undoubtedly explore the circumstance and situation that may have occurred. In the event that your complaint is observed to be legitimate, they are required as the Human Resource Department to act. (LUCAS, 2018)

One way that the administrators can demonstrate quality leadership and management skills after this incident

When considering what a leader is, I consider an individual who is dynamic. This means they can lead and to take after the staff that possibly have smart thoughts and have more knowledge and training on the situations that may come along. According to the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice leaders must be skilled in the way toward making a mutual vision and to do as such that other can picture it. (Baker, 2014)

I believe this will be a very important task as far as getting things back on track after this enormous change. I believe some about the greatest attributes that I leader can have is trustworthiness, ambitious, reasonable, and resourceful. Being an ambitious thinker particularly for Blumberg’s situation will be imperative since defining objectives/ goals and having an obvious vision for the nursing home will be critical to make them go the correct direction. Leaders must get every staff member to play a part of the nursing home vision and have the capacity to organize what things are most critical to handle first. Being reasonable is a additional essential quality since the new leaders will need to have the capacity to demonstrate reason for treatment to all of the employees. This will be vital in regards to managing violations and authorizing the outcomes of breaking the rules that were set to protect the residents and staff. Lastly, I would like to state that being resourceful is a major key. Blumberg needs individuals who can come in and re-establish the confidence and trust in the residents, their family, and the staff that work there daily.

A strategy that Blumberg’s Nursing Home can use to improve administrative practices and ensure future compliance at the facility

A good path for the administration to see what needs to be changed at Blumberg begin with a Quality Indicator Survey. This survey is a computer long- term care survey process utilized by chosen State Survey Agencies and CMS to decide whether Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing homes meet the Federal requirements.

The survey is intended to accomplish a several objectives such as:

I believe as long as some compelling leaders who are established, who has a creative ability, genuineness, and drive will be a great addition to Blumberg Nursing Home, as well as individuals who can come in and recover Blumberg’s staff with motivation, and comprehension of what actually needs to be done.

  1. Enhance consistency and precision of quality of care and quality of life ID by utilizing a more organized process.
  2. Guarantee a more timely and effective feedback processes for surveyors and managers.
  3. Efficiently review requirements and objectively explore all activated administrative regions inside the current survey resources.
  4. Provide tools for constant development; and
  5. Strengthen documentation by arranging survey discoveries


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