Journal: Personal Wellness Assessment

Personal Wellness Assessment

HWE 200: Introduction to Health and Wellness

Describe your wellness score for each area of wellness from the Personal Wellness Assessment in the textbook (Powers, 2016, 1.1).

My physical wellness score is 41, and it needs improvement. The ideal rating based on the assessment in this category is 76. I fall very sort of reaching that score. There are many things that I can change about my physical appearance and health all around. It is tough for me to diet because I work in a kitchen all day, but I need to work on changing my eating habits. I do not have any motivation and I should because, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and Cancer run within my family. Cardiovascular Disease is a leading cause of death in the United States (Powers, 2017).

The foods that I consume daily are less than healthy, and I eat a lot of processed foods at home and during my work week. My job as a Dietary Aide consists of a lot of physical activity, and that is where I get most of my exercise. I drink wine on a daily basis, but I do not smoke cigarettes or use recreational drugs or pharmaceutical drugs except for what has been prescribed to me. I do feel that I get adequate exercise on the job because this type of physical activity did lower my cholesterol and triglycerides score on my last lab work that was done last month.

My Social Wellness is 20 and is Excellent; however, this score is ideal based on the assessments of projected numbers. I do not have any issues with my Social Wellness because I have a healthy and loving relationship with my family and friends and my husband and I are very happy together.

My Emotional Wellness score is 22 and is in good standing. I do not have problems sleeping or relaxing, but I do suffer from anxiety and depression. I am also a post-menopausal, and I have many mood swings. I am not very sure how I scored a 22 except that my sleeping habits are excellent. I do not have any interrupted sleep, and I sleep soundly through the night.

My Intellectual Wellness score is 16 and is Excellent. I do well in school because I am very focused and disciplined when it comes to getting my assignments completed and done correctly. I do have a very open mind, and I do understand and welcome other people’s ideas.

My Environmental Wellness score is 17 out of 20 and is an excellent score. My Husband and I do recycle in our home because we are concerned about out oceans staying clean to protect the Marine life. We live on the Gulf Coast, and clean beaches and water are vital to us because we eat what is caught from the Gulf Waters occasionally.

My Spiritual Wellness score is 6 out of 12, and it needs major improvement. I am not a very Spiritual person, and I do need to connect more with my spiritually to gain a healthier lifestyle and me a more social person. I feel that Spiritual and Social Wellness intertwine with each other because one’s spirituality opens doors for making new friends and acquaintances through religious beliefs and having everyday lifestyles in common.

My Occupational Wellness score is 8 out of 12 and is good. I do feel that my occupational wellness score is correct because I am happy with my job and I like the people that I work with at the Hospital. I think that being happy at your job helps to balance out a person’s emotional wellness since a person spends so much time at their job. My work has a significant impact on my life because if I am not happy there, then I am not satisfied at home either because of the burden of stress that I carry with me. I have since found happiness with my employer, and I have been searching for happiness at work for many years.

My Financial Wellness score is 6 out of 16, and it needs major improvement. I do not have any savings for retirement, and I do not have large savings in my bank account. This part of my wellness is very unhealthy and very weak for me because of my spending habits. My Financial dimension of wellness is an area that I need to learn how to control to stay out of debt. I am gaining debt with medical bills now as well, and they are hard to pay off because they are so high, and they are causing financial distress in my household.

Discuss your three weakest dimensions of wellness.

My three weakest dimensions are Financial Wellness, Spiritual Well, and my physical Wellness. My physical dimension of wellness is due to weight gain and hormonal issues that I hope to get corrected soon through surgery, or it could make it worse. My eating habits are bad, and I do not exercise except for the physical activity that I gain on the job five days per week.

I could use help with strengthening my spirituality but my husband is not as spiritual as he used to be but we both have soft hearts, and we always reach out to others to help them if they need. We both love animals and people, but we are disconnected religiously.

I need to open a 401k account at my job and learn how to save money. I know that I will need it for retirement and this is something that could lead to significant stress and depression in my future if I do not learn to correct it now while I am in my middle age.

Explain what current lifestyle factors lead to these weaknesses.

Current lifestyle factors that lead to weakness are the use of drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. Although, I do not feel that my alcohol consumption has made me weak except for maybe in my financial and physical dimensions of wellness, or perhaps I am in denial.

If this dimension is not improved, what chronic disease may be the result? Use a reference to support this relationship.

If I do not improve my physical dimension of wellness, it could lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer.

My three strongest dimensions of wellness are the Social, Emotional, and Intellectual dimensions of wellness because I am very responsible with my school work and I make sure that every assignment is as perfect as I can get it before I submit it. I feel that I am emotionally stable and I can be happy with my friends, co-workers, and I have a healthy relationship with my Spouse, even though I suffer from anxiety and depression. My medications help me healthily deal with my illness most of the time, but I do have my bad days sometimes.

  • Explain your three strongest dimensions of wellness.

Which of your lifestyle factors led to these strengths? Explain how.

Lifestyle factors that led to my strengths are I found work that I love and that helped reduce my level of stress which in return has made a positive effect on my emotional dimension of wellness. Speaking of the Theory of planned behavior, I feel that my attitude has contributed to my Social and Intellectual dimensions of wellness. I have always had a positive or neutral attitude towards engagements in my life whether they were positive or negative (Barley and Lawson, 2016).

Discuss one way you can improve one of your weakest dimensions of wellness. Write it down and note your progress throughout the week. You should use this area of weakness for your Final Project in Week 5.

My weakest dimension of wellness is my Physical and Financial Dimensions of Wellness That I will focus on for week five will be my physical dimension of wellness My physical dimension of wellness is essential to my health as is my Financial Dimension of wellness but on a different level. My Physical Dimension of Wellness is crucial because I could get Cardiovascular Disease or Diabetes. Those diseases concern me more than my bank account and my future retirement plans at this point in my life. I will not have much of a future to look forward to if I get a disease such as Cardiovascular Disease or Diabetes. Cancer is a possibility, and kidney failure, are all possibilities if I do not correct my physical dimension of wellness.


Barley, E., & Lawson, V. (2016). Using health psychology to help patients: Theories of behaviour change. British Journal of Nursing, 25(16), 924-927. doi: 10.12968/bjon.2016.25.16.924

Powers, S. K., & Dodd, S. L. (2017). Total fitness & wellness, the Mastering Health edition. (7th ed.). Retrieved from (p. 21-26, Lab 1.1)

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