Competitive Advantage – PowerPoint Presentation

Competitive Advantage

INF 220 IS Principles

The advantages Nintendo has over any other gaming consoles out there.

Nintendo was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi who produced handmade hanafuda playing cards for the company. It wasn’t till the 1970s that Nintendo became a video game company. When the 1960s arrived, Nintendo tried to make itself a more entrepreneur company. By taking on small businesses such as; taxi services, toy company and whore houses. By 1970, Nintendo had broke ties with its previous small businesses and decided to join the gaming world. Nintendo’s net worth is $85 billion. Nintendo is one of the main reasons why Japan’s economy and wealth has so much influence on buyers, consumers and the competition from other video game companies. Nintendo’s mission, “We believe it is essential not only to provide products of the highest quality, but to treat every customer with attention, consideration and respect” (Nintendo, 2018).

Nintendo Information Technology Framework

Nintendo prides itself on it’s competitive advantage of being affordable for the consumer market. Since Nintendo prides itself on affordability the company is allowed to provide high quality games. (Kain, 2014)Nintendo made the utilization of consoles and collaboration with computer games basic and natural. That empowered a huge number of people worldwide to defeat a key boundary to utilization, accordingly drastically widening the market. (Huse, 2010) This drove other companies, like Microsoft and Sony, to follow suit in the design of the consoles that Nintendo created.Nintendo strives to satisfy the consumer that the latest product that Nintendo has out “that it was practically impossible to find one in stock for months after its release.” The price was comparative to other consoles but the versatility was unmatched by the other companies. (18 Nintendo, 2018)

Nintendo Information Technology Framework

Nintendo is one of the most well-known companies in the video game industry in the global market. Nintendo stained success has attributed the creation of not only game systems but handled technologies as well. Technology related to aircraft led to the invention of the Wii controllers using gyroscopes which were the birth of new and innovative controllers that had never been used in gaming before. The inventor Tim Quinn, a pilot, used technology that was similar to that of the technology used to control aircraft. Nintendo gains competitive advantages by creating controllers Wii system was hailed almost successful inventions since the introduction of 3-D. The innovation is the Wii remote which tracks players hand as it moves imitation sports such bowling and baseball. The technology translates the rotational movement to straight lines. Our hands move in 3-D, but anything on a computer or TV is linear. When you play Nintendo, you are rotating your hands, but a directional play on-screen (Karen, Cynthia 2017).Nintendo was able to differentiate in the market because they are one of the few companies who is primarily focused on gaming systems unlike some of the other companies in the industry such as Sony.

Nintendo Information Technology Framework

Among the vast data needed by Nintendo to predict sale patterns and trends we find that Financial data relies heavily on the collection and organization of product sales by unit. The IR (investor relations)portion of Nintendo’s website list Financial Data as well as Stock information that serves as competitive intelligence data. Through these graphs and charts business managers can maintain a competitive advantage. 


Nintendo has come along away from just being a toy company or any other freelance business that Nintendo had. Nintendo’s console is cheaper than any other gaming consoles out there. Gamers and non gamers are able to play more easily than a PlayStation or an Xbox. The constant innovation that Nintendo is able to achieve is impeccable. When the company came out with the Wii , the company advertised it as a control for advanced gamers. That wasn’t the case because of how easy it was to learn and play. That made the Wii one of the most popular gaming systems that Nintendo came out with.The constant innovation and analytical thinking that goes into each product that Nintendo’s innovation team comes up will keep Nintendo a competitive business.


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