INF 220

IT System Recommendation: HD Supply

IT System Recommendation: HD Supply Week 5 Final Paper INF 220: IS Principles Technology is the engine that drives the marketplace today and has improved the way businesses function. Information technology has transformed the landscape of how business is conducted through innovative developments, approaches, and trends. It has allowed for increased collaboration among employees, workforce …

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IS Principles

Netflix: How Does it Work? INF220: IS Principles The year is 1997, Beanie Babies and baggy jeans were the “thing”. Gas was under $2.00 a gallon, and video rentals were a way to enjoy relatively new releases in the comfort of your own home. Stores like Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery were the …

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The IoT of Things

The IoT of Things INF 220 IS Principles THE IOT OF THINGS Since the very beginning mankind have been working to improve their lives and make them easier. Over the last few decades, we have had innovations such as internet technology that have allowed for much improvement in our lives, making many tasks much easier …

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AI Cities

AI Cities INF 220 IS Principles Large-scale deployment refers to a set of computer-based clusters encompassing a server node dedicated to the tuning of the subscriber nodes. Large-scale deployments occur in the case where the volume of configuration information and changes created by the client elements surpass the master’s capacity to undertake vital tasks including …

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