Scholarly Resources and Popular Resources

INF103: Computer Literacy

Scholarly Resources and Popular ResourcesThe difference between scholarly and public resources is scholarly publication is in which content is published with expertise. Original research is very important because the process of analyzing the content used to formulate the content being published or written. Its very important to cite all sources as in depth as possible and to “peer review” before the publication. This means that independent specialist of that field review or “referee” the content and backed up claims of its true analysis. The target audience for this sort of work is fellow professionals and students studying certain types of fields study. As a result, the content is typically much more sophisticated and advanced than articles found in general magazines, or professional/trade journals.Many popular types of resources are mainly to go to information about culture and society. It also gives general information about society, politics and world events and culture. Popular resources give you the current data of general interests and popular opinions.

The main key things to remember when using the Ashford University library is to always make sure that you cite your source properly. Another important thing is to have clarity to what you are searching for. Remember the periodicals publications and page numbers.

The resources used for research are search engines and websites such as google. With having the Ashford library nearby, I could always use it when I need be very secure about what I’m searching for any paper I have to write. I will be more effective and efficient by adding more detail and elaboration of more note taking when it comes to searching key things that I have to write about. Also, I will make sure that I will keep all sources in mind if I need to weigh my options about any thing I have to search.

Popular and scholarly resources are pivotal in doing any research. Whether it be for a research paper or for personal use or to gain knowledge. They provide clarity and classification to the researcher.


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