INF 103

Benefits of Ashford University Library

INF 103 Computer Literacy Introduction This papers purpose is to discuss the Benefits of using the Ashford University Library. This resource, available to all Ashford University students, offers students access to reliable scholarly and popular resources to help students find information during research. While the internet is a resource, the Ashford University Library ensures students …

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Scholarly Resources and Popular Resources

INF103: Computer Literacy Scholarly Resources and Popular ResourcesThe difference between scholarly and public resources is¬†scholarly publication is in which content is published with expertise. Original research is very important because the process of analyzing the content used to formulate the content being published or written. Its very important to cite all sources as in depth …

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Social Network

INF103: Computer Literacy Social networking is a way to keep in contact with people all around the world; social networking allows people to connect with each other no matter the part of the world they are located. With many new apps and websites coming into the making it has become more convenient to communicate with …

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