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Interview with Dr. Jake Kenneth. Senior coach Stormers, Cape Town based rugby team.

Me: Good morning Dr. Jake and welcome to our studio.

Jake: Thank you very much. It good to be here.

Me: You have had a good run of successful back to back wins this season. Notably, yours is the only team that has managed to beat all of your toughest competitors. What is your secret?

Jake: Thank you. That is true. We have managed to hit most of our goals this season and clearly we learned from our failures from last year.

Me: Speaking of last year, you had the worst season and narrowly escaped relegation. How did you manage to deal with that?

Jake: As a team we decided that we were not going to dwell in our failures. We took he challenge to deal with our failure and made adjustments to our quality of the game.

Me: How did the team deal so well with those enormous failures of your previous campaign?

Jake: Having realized that our mistakes are our own, most of the correction was easy. We acknowledged our part in the failure, took the lessons from the failures and that way we were able to move beyond the failures.

Me: Most team coaches feel dejected when they experience losses in major competitions, but not you, what makes you stand out?

Jake: First of all, failure is an important part of life. Failing in the past has taught me how to examine failure and take from it valuable lessons I can use. Secondly, allowing failure in a team helps the team become more confident in the decisions they are making in the course of the game. This gives them better chances at success.

Me: And finally, how do you motivate your team when you experience failure?

Jake: I have taught them to acknowledge their failure as stepping stones to their betterment. When we fail, we learn from the failure and then we set better goals, this motivates the team to work harder in the coming games.

Me: Thank you so much Dr. Jake for making time to come for this interview. We appreciate your input and leadership effectiveness on failure.