Leadership Evaluation

Leadership Evaluation

LDR 531

Leadership Evaluation

After conducting the online search for “leadership style self-assessments,” I completed three of them, from three different websites, and each one had different ways of their responses. The first one I took had six different categories and gave you point values for each category. The categories were: Ambassador, Advocate, People Mover, Truth-Seeker, Creative Builder, and Experienced Guide, (www.yourleadershiplegacy.com). On another website I answered a series of questions and emailed me the response of steward and explained it. The third assessment was a series of questions with point values and had different explanations for different point ranges.


On the Mindtools assessment, I was given a series of questions with multiple choice answers with different point values and score interpretations from 12-36 points. I scored a 22, which fell between the interpretation of 21-27:

“You lean toward a democratic or participative style of leadership. You tend to set the parameters for the work and have final say on decisions, but you actively involve your team members in the process. This style can build trust between you and your people, as they’ll likely feel engaged and valued.”

It goes on to say this type of leadership is not great in high pressure situations with fast turnaround, (www.mindtools.com). I can agree with the majority of this, but I work in a high stress and fast paced workplace, and I am not in management because I choose not to pursue it.

Your Leadership Legacy

On the Your Leadership Legacy assessment, I answer a series of questions that were multiple choice. This assessment had six categories and gave me different point values up to 25 points for each category, and the proceeds to explain each category in detail. My scores for each category is as follows:

Ambassador: 22 of 25 points

Advocate: 21 of 2 points

People Mover: 19 of 25 points

Truth-Seeker: 22 of 25 points

Creative Builder: 18 of 25 points

Experience Guide: 19 of 25 points

Basically, the names of the categories speak for themselves, and I would have to agree with almost completely. I am surprised my lowest points were actually as high as they were.

What’s Your Leadership Style? In this assessment I was given two statements to choose from multiple times and emailed my leadership style. It describes me as a Steward, and proceeds to describe what a Steward is. “Stewards are the rocks of organizations…. They’re dependable, loyal, and helpful… they value rules, process and cooperation…. Working with Stewards offers the chance to part of a well-oiled machine.”

My strengths and weaknesses

My weaknesses by far outweigh my strengths. There are times when I do not feel my ideas are good enough or creative enough, so I do rely on others to help guide me in what and how things can be done. I also don’t give myself the recognition I do deserve, and that’s because I rely on the help of others. I feel like I should be able to be more creative and motivating.

Even my strengths can be weaknesses. I say this because I will fight for what’s right and fair. I’m not afraid to speak up, whether it’s for myself, my team, or my work. I do not go to work to make friends, but I do let my team know I am here to listen or help in almost any situation. I have learned over the years to really leave my problems at the door. Most team members wouldn’t know if something is really wrong with me because I am always smiling.