LS 308

LS 308 Unit 9 Assignment

Unit Nine Assignment LS 308 PART I The United States judicial system is broken down in two main categories, those being civil law and criminal law. Civil law is the arena of law that deals with conflicts between two individuals, usually for a tort or contract disputes. On the other side is criminal law, which […]

LS208 United States Legal System and Law

Running head: Legal System United States Legal System and Law LS208 United States Legal System and Law In the United States there is a three-tier system with the United States Constitution on top and the three branches that follow are the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branch. Under the Legislative branch there is the House of

LS 308 Unit 7 Assignment

Unit Seven Assignment   LS 308 INTRODUCTION Throughout the history of this nation, there have been countless cases of laws being implemented that create some form of inequality for a certain group of people. Whether it be based on gender or race, the impact of such laws has been ever present in American society. Even

2020 Vacation with Joe

Running head: Vacation 2020 2020 Vacation with Joe LS308 2020 Vacation with Joe Joe and I are planning a vacation for next year in 2020. Now Joe is my best friend and we are very close, but Joe can be a kind of a wild card. Joe has gotten himself into trouble over the years

LS 308 Unit 2 Assignment

Unit Two Assignment   LS 308 When evaluating the current state of the legal system, several factors must be taken into consideration. These factors include: assumptions of law, functions, dysfunctions, and the definitions of law. Depending on how one views these factors, helps shape their views on the state of the legal system. In this

LS 308 Unit 3 Assignment

Unit Three Assignment   LS 308 The good old friend named Joe, who is quick tempered, is accompanying his friend on a two-month vacation across several countries and continents. Since the friend, Nate, knows that Joe can act irrational, he wants to research the laws from these destinations. What is important for Nate to know

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