LS 312

LS 312 Unit 8 Assignment

Unit Eight Assignment LS 312 INTRODUCTION The internet revolution has brought forth many innovations, along with tons of new business ideas. Some of these were overnight successes and some were not. One of the biggest ideas was the thought that individuals can sit in the comfort of their own homes and purchase products, while having …

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LS 312 Unit 4 Assignment

Unit Four Assignment   LS 312 INTRODUCTION On September 22nd, 1993, the worst train accident in Amtrak’s history occurred. The Sunset Limited, Amtrak’s only transcontinental train, plunged off a bridge and into the Big Bayou Canot. (Eisenbeis, Hanks, & Barrett, n.d.) This resulted in the death of forty-seven passengers and injury to countless more. Attributing …

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LS 312 Unit 2 Assignment

Unit Two Assignment   LS 312 Stakeholders are essentially any party who has an interest in a company that can affect or be affected by the business. There are two different types of stakeholders, those being internal and external. (Chen, 2019) Internal stakeholders are those who have a direct connection with the business, such as …

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