What Does A Change Ready Organization Look Like

What Does A Change Ready Organization Look Like?


What Does A Change Ready Organization Look Like?

Change is something that we can neither avoid or predict, Its something that is totally inevitable and something we can’t anticipate. Change is bound to happen to us all in our personal or professional lives. Change is needed in order for a company to be successful, some of the most profitable companies in the world will see a flow of change sweep across them. It’s how these companies deal with it that truly shows how good the leadership is, It’s easy to put a plan in place and another to see it through and understand how to implement it.

What Is Organizational Change?

So how do organizations implement Change and what is organizational Change? According to “Market Business News”(2019), “Organizational Change looks both at the process in which a company or any organization changes its operational methods, technologies, organizational structure, whole structure, or strategies, as well as what effects these changes have on it. May companies face change in the form of re-structures and they must develop a plan to attack these changes. My previous companies needed to make changes due to profit loss and chose to do it in the form of lay-offs. These plans are not liked by employees as they put a strain on the staff and create harsh thoughts about leadership and their supposed lack of effectiveness For an organizational change to be effective the methods and strategy must be accepted by the staff and admitted to their everyday behavior.

Organizational Structure

The structure of any company is what keeps things steady and helps to provide a stable platform for which leadership can issue a process and watch as it unfolds. This clear implementation is what helps employees receive feedback from managers and also allows senior leadership see how the managers are relaying the process and strategy and also get feedback from them on the teams issues. Organizational structure and the ability to give stability is what can ease the burden that workers can have when dealing with change, we all know its not easy and something that not everyone can embrace, but the stability is what can give the worker comfort. This bond is what can lead the worker to embrace the change and become comfortable with it enough to pass that feeling on to others and help others cope and deal with the outcome of the process and changes in the organization.The elements of structure within the organization are the governance of leadership, which makes decisions. The second is the rules of operation. Rules of operation are the rules the organization operates by. The work distribution is the final element and it helps the origination have some type of division of labor.

Organizational Barriers

Barriers within the organization can come in the form of leadership that isn’t on board with the change, in the reading and past assignments there was a situation in which a soccer owner needed to create a different culture. Changes like this are designed in a way in which the very culture of the company needs to change and transform not just physically, but mentally to the processes that are being put in place by leadership. These changes require a process that is iron-clad with all the outcomes and leadership that can anticipate all of these changes. They also need to understand the pitfalls of the staff and how they can better assist them, there is always opposition to change, but the leaderships plan to implement it should have this factored in and getting more workers on board with the change can help squash any hesitation or resistance. Some barriers that organizational structure face include bad communication and people that are stuck int eh manuals and processes that have been in place for a long time, this will cause employees to be restricted and pressured; but the leadership sound have a plan for all of this.

Change Is Inevitable

This almost goes without saying, but change is something that will always happen and we cannot avoid it. If you are in the right mindset to embrace it, your staff will be also and it is something that when it comes, and is followed, good things will happen. Change is needs for growth, but there should always be improvement in the processes or there is nothing that can be learned. As a leader you must help to prepare your employees and set a good structural foundation so that when its being done, the staff know whats expected and it can be ushered in easily and quietly.


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