MGT 321

Leadership vs. Management

Leadership vs. Management Wk 1 Assignment MGT321 Assessing Leadership Skills Leadership Vs Management Leadership and management go hand in hand. All though both are different, they are linked to each other and complement each other. Management is responsible for the bottom line and short-term results, leadership means keeping an eye on the long-term future (Daft, …

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MGT 321 Week 1 Assignment – Leadership versus Management

Leadership versus Management MGT321 Assessing Leadership Skills Leadership versus Management Both managers and leaders are important to an organizations success. The differences between the two are often confused, while both necessary, they are very different. Strong leadership and strong management will ensure a company has a vision, the steps identified to move the company forward, …

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Leaders Self-Insight – PowerPoint Presentation

Leaders Self-Insight MGT 321: Assessing Leadership Skills Introduction Self awareness is a powerful tool that a leader can possess. The most effective leaders in any organization have a high understanding pf their self-awareness. By understanding yourself, you are able to have more effective relationships through greater emotional intelligence (EI). The following slides show my findings …

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