MKT 500 Assignment 3 – Part C: Marketing Plan

Assignment 3

Part C: Marketing Plan for

Hallmark Smart Home Automation

MKT 500: Marketing Management

Strayer University


I received the feedback from Dr. Jingyun Zhang on my Marketing Plan for my business, Hallmark Smart Home Automation. The feedback stated the paper did well, providing relevant input for improvement. Most of the sections were complete, just a few misses. Overall, well done! On Brand Strategy: Good job, but the paper needed more rationale on how these choices resonate with the target market. The article described branding strategy and the brand promise but did not show explicit knowledge of the meaning of a brand promise. Most of the paper’s branding elements of the name, logo, slogan and brand extension were provided. On Target Market: Target markets are broad and did not use enough relevant bases of segmentation to describe primary and secondary audiences. The paper needed to consider age, lifestyle values, attitudes, wants and needs, gender, number of kids, education income, stage in the household lifecycle, geographic location (urban vs. rural, etc.), or risk orientation, etc. The Paper needs to use a more thorough rationale for targets and scholarly references to substantiate my position. Positioning Statement and Perceptual Map: The perceptual map clearly shows where the paper falls within the competition. The positioning statement is relevant and includes the statement of who is being talked to, who the business is better than, and why the business is better. Consumer Behavior: The paper showed great use of scholarly resources to validate my target market’s consumer behavior while tying the behavior to my brand name, slogan, brand extension, and positioning statement to explain how my branding elements will create the need recognition to begin the first phase of the buying process. References and Citations: The paper used three (3) academic, peer-reviewed references as quantitative marketing research to determine the feasibility of the product/service. Most APA formatting for references was correct. Mechanics: The paper must not use first or second person; eliminate the use of I, we, our, you, yours, etc. As a final note, there were a few grammatical issues with this paper.

The Hallmark Smart Home Automation is a new company coming to the Gainesville Virginia area where we bring the best in technology to you and your home to utilize products that reflect your individual tailored and custom dream into a reality. Typical automation businesses use technology such as automated lights, sensors, and camera security systems by using the internet and automation control through a centralized, digital system. Our systems can manage anything from your lighting to home security to HVAC services. Hallmark Smart Home Automation can also provide other services such as powering dryer, dishwasher, microwave, and entertainment electronics. Hallmark Smart Home Automation will deliver, install, teach you how to operate and maintain and upkeep your Smart home wants and needs. Everything we do today has technology designed to make it faster, more comfortable, and less cumbersome for the end-user. It ranges from cell phones that are pocket computers to cars that drive themselves. The demand for education, installation, assistance, and upkeep of this technology far exceeds the market’s ability to provide service. “Technology integration is increasingly becoming more prominent throughout today’s house plans. From security surveillance systems to monitor your utility consumption, incorporating smart technology is not only convenient but can be beneficial for homeowners as well.” The answer to this demand is the Hallmark Smart Home Automation company.

We always put our customers, their needs, and desires at the forefront of our business. Our employees treat each client with the utmost respect and are well-trained in providing a premium client experience to the customer because exceptional service is the foundation of our business and its growth. Our headquarters are in Gainesville, VA, and we provide services to our clients seven days a week, 12 hours a day. To compete in the market and you’re your business, we must ensure that all our client’s needs are met and that our employees are staffed and ready for the customer to exceed expectations in products, support, and customer service.

Making current technology easily accessible and understandable while continuing to supply support and upgradability to the most current technology, makes our business the “go-to” place for all your home automation and technology needs. Gainesville, VA, and its surrounding area are densely populated with middle to upper-class citizens; this service will be more demanded because Gainesville is a new and growing city where families continuously need the best technology to run and protect their homes and families.

The branding strategy will focus on how we care for the clients both Primary and Secondary target market technology and smart home needs with their family and individual desires at the forefront, at the same time, highlighting Hallmark Smart Home Automation’s positioning statement.

Pricing and Distribution Strategy

The Hallmark Smart Home Automation’s promise to our client base is to bring the best in technology to our clients and their home, utilizing products that reflect the client’s individual tailored and custom dream into a reality. My strategy would be to develop products and services that cover overhead with enough profit to allow access to all economic groups and business growth for the future. The drive would be economical in saving money on 1. Cost of the products and services, and 2. The loss of savings from proper equipment, installation, and teaching product use and troubleshooting. An equal drive to purchase would be emotional on the impact that it has on people’s home safety and convenience. These areas would significantly impact and affect consumer adoption of my idea and product. The target market would be homeowners in the middle to upper-class markets in Gainesville, Virginia, and surrounding areas. “Feelings associated with pleasure, spontaneity, and possession of something are reasons why people buy products without considering if they need it or not if it will be useful or not, etc. The collective buying sites are going up and offer products and services with great discounts. This study aims to relate the emotional design and usability concerning collective buying sites and identify the reasons that influence people.” The money saved will significantly affect people’s ability to afford and use our products and services. The value pricing strategy seems to be the best choice for Hallmark Smart Home Automation.

Pricing Strategy

The positive and continual growth of smart home products and services indicates that the established market of smart home products and services is substantial enough to implement a value pricing strategy. Hallmark Smart Home Automation will choose a value pricing strategy for three reasons: the positive growth of smart home products and services in the U.S., the superiority of the Hallmark Smart Home Automation product and services, and a thorough market segment analysis that identifies the primary and secondary target markets. The growth of smart home products and services in the U.S. has seen strong and steady growth. “Smart Home has gained widespread attention due to its flexible integration into everyday life. Pervasive sensing technologies are used to recognize and track the activities that people perform during the day, and to allow communication and cooperation of physical objects.” Hallmark Smart Home Automation has high-quality products and services at affordable prices that will “win loyal customers by charging a fairly low price for a high-quality offering. This requires reengineering the company’s operations to become a low-cost producer without sacrificing quality to attract a large number of value-conscious customers.”

Lastly, the emotional connection to having safer smart homes that are energy-efficient and assist in care and protection of loved ones from children to senior citizens will drive even more sales and customer loyalty.

Distribution Strategy

Hallmark Smart Home Automation manufacturing employs “digital distribution strategies, selling directly online to customers or through e-merchants who have their Web sites seeking to achieve omnichannel marketing, in which multiple channels work seamlessly together and match each target customer’s preferred ways of doing business, delivering the right product information and customer service regardless of whether customers are online, in the store, or on the phone.”

The channels established for product distribution includes our brick and mortar location for local and in-person customers to order products and services. Our Online website and telephone call center all services product ordering, delivery and services. Through select smart home and digital automation and security websites and the option for purchase at national retailers like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy and Target.

The supply chain management strategy will focus on an integrated logistics systems approach while trying to be competitive and offer products and services at the lowest available prices. We will have to manage in house products and online purchases and deliveries. The product material flow, demand forecasting, and purchasing forecasting analyses to include seasonal increases in demand will drive a collaborative planning and forecasting model for continued stock replenishment, and high volume increases during times that require more stock. The Hallmark Smart Home Automation integrated logistics systems are designed to support and drive increased efficiency, and greater convenience to the business and customer alike.

Integrated Marketing Communications

According to Keller and Kotler (2016), integrated marking communications (IMC), can produce stronger message consistency and help build brand equity and create more significant sales impact.21 It forces management to think about every way the customer comes in contact with the company, how the company communicates its positioning, the relative importance of each vehicle, and timing issues. (p. 232). Our IMC strategy will elements in the message, media, and world-wide-web strategies. We will manage and coordinate our media across and within all media types we will use marketing strategies that combined personal and non-personal communication channels. We will utilize promotions through all our communications to include online, so we increase our success and help direct sales pitches in successful marketing on all channels.

Message Strategy

The message strategy for Hallmark Smart Home Automation will use our branding strategy and positioning statement to help create a comparative difference from other products and services on the market. Because of two target markets we will have two different creative message strategies. Those strategies will be customized and continuously revised to create the message that is most productive for the target market we wish to engage.

The marketing message will be focused on current products and services, new and upcoming products and services, special events, and educational/training opportunities designed to educate the customer and save downtime of products and services, which will also cut overhead in technician callouts. For commercial users, the message will focus on larger-scale products and services information.

Homeowners between the ages of 25-55 with families in the middle to upper-class financial status are our primary target. The reason that this group is our primary target market is that this is the biggest user and purchaser of our products and services. Homeowners are established and know what they want and need in a smart home, technology, and home security. This group will be motivated to use a new service that will make their lives and homes easier, more protected, and operated from anywhere the customer is located. This target market can afford this service because they are typically a dual-income family with an income of $100,000+ per year to supply all the needs of a family.

The secondary target market is working families between ages 55-70 who aren’t as technologically savvy but will still desire some of our services and assistance with the technology they want to have in their homes. This group will also have senior citizens who may have a family who wants to monitor them and their homes from afar to ensure their comfort and safety. These families are even live in the Gainesville, VA area and are a part of the middle to upper-class financial status, who are empty nesters and may have children or grandchildren who visit or stay with them regularly. They live in a suburban community and have an education of at least Bachelors or higher, and have an income of $75,000-$100,000 (Kotler & Keller, 2016) Media Strategy

Hallmark Smart Home Automation will reach its target audience with a carefully selected media strategy considering our reach, frequency and impact. Social media will require regular upkeep of public Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TicTok accounts. Our success will be achieved by using informational articles and high target online celebrity video bloggers that target each of market segments. Online advertisements will be used to maximize exposure for the following keywords: smart home, smart-home, safe home, home technology, home security, security, video security, home automation, and automation. By customizing and increasing the type and frequency of our messages, we will attract even more market segment outliers.

Public Relations, Sales Promotion, and Personal Selling Plan

Launching smart home automation with the two Previously mentioned target markets will bring it to own unique and different challenges. The public already has perceptions about smart home automation and how difficult it can be to install, upkeep, and troubleshoot. You also have the differences in demographics between age groups where the younger target market will be more technologically savvy than the older market that will require additional assistance and stronger sales techniques.

The public relations strategy will be focused on facts, research, a Comparative analysis, and pricing of our products and services to our competition’s products and services. The sales promotion plan will include exposure to technological events in scientific events, as well. By doing so hallmark smart home automation will have the opportunity to execute an excellent PR plan That includes our products, pricing, and promotions that will introduce customers to our product and build on our customer relations.

Public Relations Plan

Public image is essential and can make or break any company. The Hallmark Smart Home Automation PR plan is designed to Show the customer then excellent products, services, and customer support are the backbone of our business. Hallmark Smart Home Automation will always take pride in providing the best products and services with the highest customer support and satisfaction in the market. The Hallmark Smart Home Automation PR plan will promote the brand, educate the customer and ensure that customers know what we can do for them and at a better price than they will find elsewhere. Hallmark Smart Home Automation will strive to build the public relations plan by focusing on quality, credibility, and customer support of the products and services while building enthusiasm before launch. Before launch, Hallmark Smart Home Automation will establish credibility by using an aggressive marketing PR campaign through the company’s social media pages and websites.

Sales Promotion Plan

The purpose of a strategic sales promotion plan for Hallmark Smart Home Automation is to encourage more frequent sales and services and to attract customers away from other brands, and business’s being used currently. Sales promotions of Hallmark Smart Home Automation will include a combination of different strategies not limited to but including use sampling and demonstrations at technological fairs, trade shows and online markets. Manufacturer coupons will be attached to the products and a frequency and upgrade program for repeat customers will also be used.

Demonstrations and product sampling at trade shows and fairs are an ideal promotional opportunity for Hallmark Smart Home Automation. The customer interaction at the event is intended to grab the attention of potential customers.

Hallmark Smart Home Automation will implement a retail coupon strategy by attaching a coupon for 10% off the competitor’s price of the product. This promotion would be implemented to attract customers at national retailers like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy, and Target.

Personal Selling Plan

The individual selling plan will use various techniques to ensure prospective and existing customers have the support they need, when and how they need it. The personal selling plan will include inside and outside sales executives to manage customer needs. The sales strategy will consist of access to the sales team via phone, email, text, chat, social media, in-person meetings, and representation at agricultural special events that are promoting Hallmark Smart Home Automation.

Inside sales executives will manage existing account orders and services through current sales force and services automation software. This process will allow the customers to receive sales or support in real-time while tracking their current and past products and services to ensure the best choice when moving forward. The product portal on the Hallmark Smart Home Automation website will have the option of a live chat or an opportunity to schedule a call or a face-to-face meeting. Support options will also be available through a phone line for prospective customers.

The outside sales teams will work to assist after-hours questions, orders, and messages to maintain excellent customer service where customers know how important they are and how much we value their business. We will also utilize and maintain communication to seek sales opportunities by using Phone, email, mailers, social media, and even in person.

Online and Direct Marketing Plan

Hallmark Smart Home Automation plans to manage both online and direct marketing strategies to reach the target audiences. This marketing mix (fig. 1) includes a 40 percent consideration for direct marketing and a 60 percent share for online marketing. Online marketing takes a more significant percentage since technology users are more computer savvy and will typically research and even purchase on the internet. Direct marketing plans will reinforce the social media platform.

There are many online platforms to consider for organizing an online marketing plan for Hallmark Smart Home Automation. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. Each social media platform will be used in different ways. The primary market segment for Hallmark Smart Home Automation families in the United States, aged 25-55. “As more Americans have adopted social media, the social media user base has also grown more representative of the broader population. Young adults were among the earliest social media adopters and continue to use these sites at high levels, but usage by older adults has increased in recent years.”

Pew Research reports that there are over 69% of users of at least on social media sites. Hallmark Smart Home Automation will manage a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok page, which will have between 3-5 weekly posts focusing on products, services, and classes. Hallmark Smart Home Automation will also use inline ads through the platform.

In 2019, Instagram subscribers reached 39% subscribers.

Figure 1. Online and Direct Marketing plan for Hallmark Smart Home Automation

Direct marketing techniques will be used in conjunction with social media marketing. The benefit of direct marketing techniques is due in part to the customization available. Hallmark Smart Home Automation will publish an online and printed catalog for customers that prefer that method of shopping. Also, there will be direct mailers sent to prospective and existing customers quarterly. The customer databases maintained for sales and promotion purposes will be a part of the sales force collected and utilized data to organize customers and account information. Direct marketing campaigns will also include warm phone calls, cold calls, site visits, and trade shows.

Social Responsibility Plan

The Hallmark Smart Home Automation brand and its family of products are built on the concept of excellent products and services with the highest customer service available. The Hallmark Smart Home Automation cause-related marketing plan focuses on the best products and services at the lowest price. One of the programs that will be ongoing is our upgrade recycling program. This program provides an opportunity for customers dispose of the old technology equipment they no longer need or wish to upgrade. Disposal sites will be available at local events Hallmark Smart Home Automation attends and will also be available upon delivery of the Hallmark Smart Home Automation products. “The most admired—and most successful—companies in the world abide by high standards of business and marketing conduct that serve people’s interests, not only their own.” The PR plan, direct marketing and social media plans will capitalize on recycling events. This will allow Hallmark Smart Home Automation to manage its public image responsibly by making a smaller carbon footprint on previous technology that would have just been thrown away and wound up in a landfill.


In conclusion, feedback from assignment two was discussed, and improvements to be reviewed and made. This paper developed the company’s pricing and distribution strategy; Developed the integrated marketing communications plan most relevant for the product/service and audience; Developed the message strategy; Developed the media strategy; Developed public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling plan most relevant for the product/service and audience; Developed online and direct marketing plan most appropriate for the product/service and audience; And developed social responsibility/cause-related marketing plan most relevant for the product/service and attendance. Finally, Hallmark Smart Home Automation will utilize social media and traditional marketing to reach their target audience. Hallmark Smart Home Automation is leaving no customer uncertain or ignorant by exceeding the expectations of the home automation business. Hallmark Smart Home Automation will always make customer satisfaction their highest priority.

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