MKT 100 Week 3 Discussion

Week 3 Discussion

It’s critical to understand all the factors that make a customer a good candidate to buy your product. First take a look at this product, the new iphone X, cost: $1,000.

Now, try to figure out who the IDEAL customer is for this product. Assess as many different factors as you can think of. Who are they? You can evaluate all of the following: race, gender, education level, income level, where do they live (urban vs rural), what motivates them? How many kids do you think they have? Figure out the perfect customer and tell me why these factors might influence them to buy the iPhone X.

Next, come up with a brief marketing pitch 2-3 sentences trying to persuade the target customer this phone is the perfect for him/her. Then discuss why you think this marketing message is the correct message for your specified target market in the above bullet.

The iPhone X buyer is affluent, or reasonably well-heeled customer who can pay a premium for an iconic product. He /she may be of any race or gender with a good educational background and middle/upper class level who lives in the city. Generally, young generation as well as entrepreneurs are the most prominent target market for this is specific product. People who usually love technological devices as well as have been using Apple devices for a long time are part of this specific target and influenced to continue to buy Apple produces.

Based on other phones, the side-by-side screen Apple’s 5.8-inch super Retina screen is tops. The camera is top-notch that offers more natural-looking portraits and its colors were truer and brighter in some cases. With the iPhone X’s Face-ID, you just stare at your phone and swipe up. And it looks like it’s going to take a while for other companies to catch up to Apple’s True Depth camera and machine-learning techniques. Lastly, it’s the fastest phone with good quality control. Apple deserves credit for crafting a 10th-anniversary device that continues to live up to the hype.

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