MSIT 3410‐01

Ticketing Application Update

Ticketing Application Update IT Project Mgmt Fundamentals Clark University Problem Statement: There are discrepancies between the current application’s ticketing system and customer relationship management system, resulting in repeated occurrence of data and more useless information. It takes more time and reduces work efficiency during data extraction. Therefore, we need to integrate the current ticketing system […]

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Reading Questions

Reading Questions What is a Balance Sheet? Balance Sheet describes the assets controlled by the business and how those assets are financed with the funds of creditors (liabilities), with the capital of the owners, or with both. What does it tell you about a company’s health? According to the balance sheet, as long as the

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MSIT3410‐01 Homework

Design 1. Preparing 1.1 List the system requirement 1.2 Recognize the cost 1.3 Measure progress periodically 1.4 Purchase required hardware 2. User interface design 2.1 Setting dialog 2.2 Splash page with hourglass while systems loads 2.3 Home page design 2.3.1 Setting watermark 2.3.2 Functionality menu design 3. Database design 3.1 Create import table 3.2 Create

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MSIT3410‐01 Chapter 14

MSIT3410‐01 Chapter 14 Should acquisition of infrastructure replacement services be an arm’s-length transaction or a close partnership transaction? A: For IVK, a close partnership transaction is more beneficial than an arms-length transaction. The chapter elaborates on prior ServoLith experience and it did not sound like a good fit for IVK at all. Basically, IVK wanted

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MSIT3410‐01 Chapter 13

MSIT3410‐01 Chapter 13 Given near-universal web access, ubiquitous personal net-connected portable devices, and the widespread use of social technologies, can companies still keep their information “secret”? As a manager, what should you assume people outside the company know? A: In our social media age, a world of speed and as its happening immediacy, personal inter-connectedness

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Case Study 4: Mercedes-Benz USA Investing in IT Infrastructure

MSIT3410‐01 Case Study 4 – Mercedes-Benz USA Investing in IT Infrastructure Questions: How should Settle and his team evaluate the e-learning option? What factors should they consider when deciding between e-learning and traditional, classroom-based education? A: When a company starts a new project, time and cost are essential factors. The second is technical feasibility. Settle

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