NRS 441V

Developing an Implementation Plan

Grand Canyon University: NRS-441V Developing an Implementation Plan Introduction: Immobility of the critically ill intensive care patient can produce negative adverse complications that can delay weaning from the mechanical ventilator, ICU acquired weakness, ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), and deep vein thrombus (DVT). These complications can increase length of vent days, ICU days and overall hospitalization days. …

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Dissemination of Project Results

Dissemination of Project Results Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: Dissemination of Project Results There are several strategies aimed at dissemination of the project’s results. These include the use of continuous medical evaluations, print media, newspapers, journals, medical websites, emails, and the use of reports. Following the completion of the project, I will come up with …

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PROFESSION CAPSTONE PROJECT HOURLY ROUNDS TO PREVENT PATIENT FALLS NRS-441V-OL191 ABSTRACT Patient falls are often are often associated with increased morbidity and mortality especially in extremely ill patients or those that require constant attention. Most falls in the hospital set up are often due to preventable causes and these can be easily averted. Falls have …


Identifying a Problem

Identifying a Problem Grand Canyon University Professional Capstone Project NRS-441V-0L191 Identifying A Problem Hourly Rounding One of the major causes of hospital injuries for hospitalized patients is falls. Falls are directly associated with the quality of nursing care. The Joint Commission (2014) states falls are responsible for 11,000 deaths annually in America, the Center began …

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Review Of The Literature

Review Of The Literature Grand Canyon University Professional Capstone Project NRS-441V–OL191 Review Of The Literature Articles Review and Appraisal 1.Sartini M, Cristina ML, Spagnolo AM, et al. The epidemiology of domestic injurious falls in a community dwelling elderly population: an outgrowing economic burden. Eur J Public Health 2010; 20:604–6. Fall is one of the major …

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