PAD 599 week 1 discussion 2 Management Roles

Management Roles: Which are most important.

In response to the successful initial application requisition for employment in the department of the customs and border protection unit , qualifying for the leadership position of the intelligence sub unit of the operation support department I herby present a report citing the major roles that as a leader we intent to address as our main agendas.

Sequel to the previous affidavit ,here the major areas influential success will be addressed .To begin with is the issue of congressional affairs Given the mission of safeguarding the American borders to protect the public ,my department intends to improve economic vitality through lawful admissions of tariff rates on imported goods .To uphold and ensure that every security facilitation checks are enforced good relations within the jurisdictions of the trading blocks are to be prioritized to enhance effective trade takes place .Thus, as a department there has been impromptu controversial meetings with other members of the trading blocs present .This action acts as a counteractive measure to strengthen relationships through spearheading talks on the merchandise that should be prohibited and rejected from crossing their borders and the imposed actions to be taken .

On the second that my team located and identified as a major issue of concern was on the rising concern of handling threats from anti-terrorism actions .This comes after a raising alarm of activities that pose danger to the public domain. Therefore through trained secret agent personnel deployed to extract the mission my team intends to go undercover with an aimed purpose of unraveling the main reasons behind the attacks and reacting to the claims of the villains .Any viable considerable threat would be, without question terminated with total vigilance since they are complex missions that are to be validated through peace and harmony.