PAD 599 week 3 Discussion Board 3a Understanding Organizational Structure

Understanding Organizational Structure.





Different organizations have different perceptions about their organizational hierarchy given the different system development schemes employed to execute expected day to day activities within the originations jurisdiction boundaries .The Health and Human agency is, likewise non-exceptional and has its unique current system that encompasses the functions of different departmental units. The agency is headed by the United States secretary who is appointed by president’s decree, they work in association with his deputy who is equally appointed by the president .Under them are different divisional administrators who are responsible in enhancing coordination between the overall heads and the other sub-departments.

It is therefore viable to assess the organizational design setting as process centered since a sequence of procedural procedures are put have been implemented to clearly analyze the protocols employed in achieving the set missions and vision statements by the according to the agency’s stipulations. Nevertheless frequent refreshed enhancements are gradually proposed to shorten the time lapse that are key variables to be identified before implementation of a different adaptive system .In the Health and Human Service department an object Oriented system would be more profitable since it incorporates both a data oriented design and process oriented design .In polymorphism and dynamic binding of relayed information is enhanced alongside other characteristics which would greatly transform the approach towards different agendas that raise any speculations and may result to negative implications .

The rationale behind this proposition lies behind the idea that there are rapid innovations to which the agency needs to embrace and familiarize its technical staff to acquaint itself with. Hence the different organizational levels are able to initiate immediate changes within its operational systems .Furthermore different web interaction modules can be formulated to monitor complaints and any positive criticism directed towards them to improve vigilance.


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