PCN 501

Recovery and Support Groups

Recovery/Support Group Meeting Grand Canyon University: PCN-501 April 20, 2016 Recovery/Support Group Meeting Introduction The Recovery Support Strategic Initiative was established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in order “to promote partnering with people in recovery from mental and substance use disorder and their family members to guide the behavioral system and …

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Relapse Prevention Plan

Relapse Prevention Plan Grand Canyon University: PCN-501 Relapse Prevention Plan Client: Jed Fox Client Age: 38 years old Client Family Situation Jed’s father was an abusive alcoholic who frequently physically abused their mother, Jed, and his brother regardless if he was drunk or sober. Jed is presently married to Emily, and they have been together …

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Treatment Interventions

Treatment Interventions Grand Canyon University: PCN-501 Treatment Interventions Introduction Doweiko (2015) defines intervention “as being an organized effort by a person or persons who are part of the addicted person’s environment, to break through the walls of denial and rationalization that surround the addictive behavior, which is often supervised by a trained professional, with the …

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Topic 1: Addiction Worksheet

Shana Nunnally Grand Canyon University PCN – 501 1/17/18 Topic 1: Addiction Worksheet Part One Directions: Provide short answers of 200-350 words each for the following questions/statements. Include at least three scholarly resources beyond the course textbook in your response and listed as a reference at the bottom of the worksheet. Hallucinogens are substances that …

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