Are video games (or pornography, TV, etc.) addictive or harmful?

Are video games (or pornography, TV, etc.) addictive or harmful?

Week 1 Assignment

PHI 103: Informal Logic

People around the world have succumbed to playing video games, watching pornography or television, being on social media or entertaining themselves with other types of media entertainment that is known out there. However, it begs to question are they addictive or are they harmful?

Article Against Video Games are Addictive or Harmful

The first article that popped up when I searched for ‘Are video games (or pornography, TV, etc.) addictive or harmful’ is a blog called ‘Yes, Video Games are Good…for Your Mind and Body’. This article argues that video games are good for a person because it exercises their mind and body. Playing video games has its perks and benefits that a person will obtain. The reasoning given contains these key premises:

Premise 1: Video games are good.

Premise 2: Video games stimulates the mind and body.

Premise 3: Video games should be played in moderation.

Conclusion: Video games are good for a person on so many levels.

Evaluation of the Quality of the Argument Against Video Games are Addictive or Harmful

The argument given indicates to have strong points in favor of the conclusion. The first premise demonstrates that playing video games are good, the second indicates that playing video games stimulates the mind and the body and the third premise that video games should be played in moderation due to health benefits. All three premises support the conclusion.

According to Vince (2018), that “a study conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charite University Medicine St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus in Berlin, Germany, found that playing video games increases the grey matter (which is the size of your brain) and helps refine learned and hardwired skills. Basically, playing video games affects and impacts regions of the brain that is responsible for memory, spatial orientation, information organizations and motor skills. This study also reinforces the claim that playing video games for as little as 30 minutes a day can improve your life” Playing video games can teach problem solving and strategy. Therefore, playing video games are actually good for a person on so many levels and to maintain such benefits playing video games should be consumed in moderation otherwise it won’t be good on a person.

I believe that the blog presented fully supports the premises as well as the conclusion. Reason being is because it had provided studies that was conducted on individuals for them to base the thought that video games are good, and they aren’t bad. After reading it thoroughly it is safe to say that video games aren’t addictive or harmful.

Article for Video Games are Addictive or Harmful

In an article known as the ‘What to Know About Video Game Addiction’ had defined that video game addiction is a compulsive or uncontrolled use of video games, that causes problems in other areas of the person’s life. It is known that while the research is inconclusive, evidence does show that video games can be harmful, it can increase aggression and can be addictive.

Premise 1: Video games take up too much time.

Premise 2: Video games that are violent makes a person violent.

Premise 3: Video games are unhealthy.

Conclusion: Video games are addicting and can be harmful on a person.

Evaluation of the Argument Video Games are Addictive or Harmful

The argument points out some strong points on every aspect to address the concerns of video games. That playing video games have become an increasing concern amongst parents and/or significant others. That video games can be harmful, it can increase a person’s aggression, and it can also be addictive. However, these effects depend on the individual and can involve many more factors than the amount of time spent playing video games. According to Hartney (2018), “Research studies show that only 10 to 15% of video gamers meet the criteria for addiction. Heavy game use is defined by the American Medical Association as playing for more than two hours per day yet estimates of the amount of time gamers spend playing video games vary from 6 to 12 hours per week. Reports suggest that gamers spend about a quarter of their leisure time playing video games.” Though video gaming is of recreation use. It can also be addictive, which takes over the person’s way of coping with life, as well as other areas of their lives being neglected or disrupted because of it. According to Hartney (2018), “It was even researched that people who are addicted to video games show that they have poor mental health and cognitive functioning that also includes poor impulse control and ADHD symptoms too. That people who have become addicted to video games has an increased level of depression, anxiety, emotional difficulties, social isolation, and are more likely chance to have problems with internet pornography use.” Therefore, leading it to support the conclusion that video games are addictive and can be harmful.

I believe that the article presented had fully supported the argument and the conclusion. It was well in depth and informative in providing its research and the studies though it didn’t mention its age, gender of study group that they used for their research to get more of an insight on it. But it does argue the fact that video games are and can be addictive and harmful.


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