PHILL100 – Introduction to Ethics Milestone 3


Which of the following people would likely be satisfied with Kantian deontology?

Gary is looking for an ethical framework that originates outside humanity.

Gina is looking for an ethical framework that is conscious of an act’s negative effects.

Gosia is looking for an ethical framework that is based in a society’s laws and rules.

Gerard is looking for an ethical framework that can apply to everyone.


Support for Kantian Deontology


Which of the following pairs of goods are directly comparable according to hedonic utilitarianism?

All of the answer choices are correct.

My life and my wife’s life

A car and a motorcycle

$20 and a sandwich platter


Hedonic and Idealist Utilitarianism


How might a Kantian deontologist evaluate a jury voting to convict someone they know is innocent because they disagree with his political beliefs?

It is morally right because the jurors’ obligation to their party and their country are more important than one innocent man’s freedom.

It is morally wrong because if their motives are obvious, it could hurt their own party’s reputation just to prevent just one person from voting against them.

It is morally right because juries decide legal truth and can’t be punished for any decisions they make.

It is morally wrong because if all juries acted that way, the judicial system would cease to be about justice and become a vehicle for political oppression.


Applying Kantian Deontology


When a utilitarian evaluates an action, which of the following is most important?

The action’s inherent sinfulness

The action’s effects on the agent

The action’s rejection by society

The action’s total effects on everyone




Which of the following people would likely be satisfied with utilitarianism?

Andrew is looking for an ethical framework that does not allow blood transfusion.

Adelaide is looking for an ethical framework that takes future generations into consideration.

Abner is looking for an ethical framework that allows for cultural differences in morality.

Athena is looking for an ethical framework that helps her look out for her own needs.


Support for Utilitarianism


Which of the following represents rule utilitarianism?

Renee is honest with her doctor because she wants a correct diagnosis.

Raj buys a particular brand of computer because it best suits his professional needs.

Rhonda drinks tea instead of coffee because she finds it more soothing.

Rick helps his daughter with her taxes because he thinks parents should help their children.


Act and Rule Utilitarianism


Henry vandalizes a local school on a friendly dare. 

How would a utilitarian classify this action?






Commitments of Utilitarianism


Claire is helping her elderly neighbor, Ms. Flannigan, with some yard work. Ms. Flannigan has no close family and tells Claire that she is beginning to wonder who will get the small bundles of cash she has hidden throughout her large house. Ms. Flannigan even remarks that she cannot remember where she has hidden them all. After helping Ms. Flannigan, Claire goes inside to freshen up. In the bathroom she notices a large wad of cash tucked inside the medicine cabinet.

Which action is supported by utilitarianism but intuitively seems unethical?

Claire takes the money and donates it to the food kitchen that feeds the community’s homeless population.

Claire leaves the money, but tells her friends about Mrs. Flannigan’s forgetfulness and where she had found the money.

Claire leaves the money, and tells Ms. Flannigan that she will take her to the bank the following week to deposit it.

Claire takes the money and puts it in a savings account that she will not touch for 10 years.


Advantages and Shortcomings of Utilitarianism


According to Kantian deontology, which of the following would make an act impermissible?

It is done with bad intent.

It doesn’t meet my own needs.

It violates applicable regulations.

Most people find it morally bad.


Commitments of Kantian Deontology


According to Kant, which of the following violates a person’s humanity?

Hurting someone’s feelings

Disrespecting someone’s wishes

Forcing someone to do something

Debating with someone


The Formulation of Humanity


I come home and my apartment building is on fire. There is a family of five living in the apartment next to mine and only my mother in my apartment. I can only evacuate one apartment.

What is a problem with applying utilitarianism to this scenario?

Utilitarianism says I should evacuate the apartment that has five occupants, even though my mother is more important to me.

Utilitarianism says I have to choose what to do based on who is responsible for starting the fire.

Utilitarianism says I should evacuate my apartment because that will make me the happiest.

Utilitarianism says I cannot determine which apartment to evacuate because my mother’s happiness is equal to the happiness of the five strangers.


Problems with Utilitarianism


Which of the following represents a potential problem for Kantian deontology?

A person who tries and fails to murder someone is just as guilty as someone who succeeds.

A person in one place is subject to different rules than a person elsewhere.

A person can treat other people as means to an end without respect for them.

A person who feels at ease with his or her actions can make them right.


Problems with Kantian Deontology


Karl receives a call from the local police, who are concerned that his son may be growing and distributing an illegal (but not dangerous) drug. Karl knows this suspicion to be true. If he admits it to the police, his son will be arrested, and their family’s name will be tarnished. If he lies, the police will assume the tip they got was false and go away. 

Most people are split on this issue. How might it be evaluated by a utilitarian?

Karl’s lying is morally right because he has an obligation to protect his son, even if his son’s actions cause harm to others.

Karl’s lying is morally right because keeping his son out of trouble and his family’s reputation clear will bring about more happiness than if his son is arrested.

Karl’s lying is morally wrong because his obligation to the state is more important than his son staying out of trouble, even though it would bring about no benefit for the state.

Karl’s lying is morally wrong because it is sinful to lie, even when the consequences are less than desirable.


Applying Utilitarianism


In Kantian deontology, the categorical imperative must be derived from __________.

possible consequences


moral law



Kantian Deontology


What is meant by the formulation of universal law?

Acting according to a maxim that is defined by the global community

Acting according to a maxim that respects an act’s inherent goodness

Acting according to a maxim that, if applied to everyone, does not entail contradiction

Acting according to a maxim that brings about the greatest possible good


The Formulation of Universal Law

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