PSY 303

The Subjectivity and Art of Diagnosis

Week 4 Journal The Subjectivity and Art of Diagnosis For this week’s journal, I have chosen to discuss Susto. I have chosen this particular culture-bound syndrome instead of one of the others because I found it to be very interesting. This syndrome kind of reminds me of someone who has had an out of body […]

Gathering Collateral Information

Gathering Collateral Information Ashford University PSY 303 Gathering Collateral Information IX. Collateral According to Mrs. Woolf’s father Sir Leslie Stephen, she is very nervous and exhibits signs of anxiety and he is concerned that her mental state is very fragile. Leonard Woolf, Mrs. Woolf’s husband states that he believes that depression is the root of

Questionable Treatment Practices in Psychology

Week 3 Journal Questionable Treatment Practices in Psychology The treatment that I choose to consider in this week’s journal is Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). I choose to consider this therapy because I was unaware that this method of treatment was still being legally administered to patients with severe depression and Bipolar disorder. I have only heard

Taking the Patient’s History

Taking the Patient’s History Ashford University PSY 303 Taking the Patient’s History Identifying Information Name: Virginia Woolf Date of Birth: March 28, 1882 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White Patient Location: London England Virginia Woolf, born Adeline Virginia Stephen was born on March 28, 1882, to Sir Leslie and Julia Stephen of London, England. Virginia Woolf was

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