PSY 345

Spatial Organization Presentation

Spatial Organization Presentation PSY/345 Introduction This PowerPoint will openly discuss spatial organizationConcepts of spatial organizationAffects of spatial organization in visual perceptionPerception and how it influences behavior Spatial Organization What is spatial organization?Spatial Organization is how we organize and put together our visual ideas and information that is presented to us Spatial Organization Affects Visual Perception …

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Annotated Bibliography and Summary

Annotated Bibliography and Summary PSY/345 Melissa Campbell, Theresa Waker, Felicita Flowers Bobick, A. F. (1997). Movement, Activity and Action: The Role of Knowledge In The Perception of Motion. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 352(1358), 1257-1265. This discussed different methods of understanding motion, activity and action. Movements are perceived using …

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Chemical Senses Paper

Chemical Senses PSY 345 Chemical Senses In this paper I will be discussing the chemical senses taste and smell, and how they affect each other. I will also discuss the connection between the chemical senses, emotional senses and the brain, and what I could change in my personal senses to make food taste better. Lastly, …

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Speech and Hearing Brochure

Speech and Hearing Brochure Description of the Influence of auditory perception on behavior PSY/345 Auditory perception is the brains ability to inter-pret and create a clear impression of sounds. We have the ability to receive information from our surroundings through sound. Auditory be-havior is based upon information in the auditory stimuli. As humans we have …

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