Final Project: Milestone Two

QSO-320 Final Project
Milestone Two

Southern New Hampshire University

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QSO-320 Final Project
Milestone Two

Milestone two of the final projects serves to gather and present additional and deeper data regarding the sellers’ performance for a northern California’s winery. The previous project step, milestone one, addressed total sales by salesperson, total sales of red wine in California during the six months, and the best and worst selling type of wine. Milestone two will present the following information:

How did each salesperson perform in terms of the person’s respective sales figure?

What would the sales commission be for each month if each salesperson earned 5% of the sales?

1 – How did each salesperson perform?

Combined wine sales over the six month period was $767,239. Jane, who sold $269,805 was the top seller. Joe had the second highest sales, with sales tallying $251,513. Lastly, Bill had sales that equaled $245,921 which regrettably ranked him the lowest among the sales people.

The total sales and individual sales are depicted below.

It can be shown that Jane sold $18,292 more than Joe, and $23,884 more than Bill. And Joe sold $5,592 more than Bill.

  Sales ($) Sales (%)
Bill $245,921 32%
Jane $269,805 35%
Joe $251,513 33%
Total $767,239 100%

Graph 1, below, shows a Pie Chart with the total sales per person as well as the percentage of personal sales.

2 – Breakdown of Sales Commissions by Month

For a management perspective, sales commissions paid monthly to each sales person is shown below. The total commissions paid was tallied by adding the total sales each month and then multiplying by 5% [commission payout] with total monthly commission using the referenced Excel formula: (=SUM(‘Raw Data’!G2:G5))

  January February March April May June   Total ($) Total (%)
Bill $1,726.05 $2,142.00 $1,537.55 $3,189.85 $2,369.70 $1,330.90   $12,296.05 32%
Jane $2,429.50 $1,531.15 $1,909.90 $1,932.55 $2,121.55 $3,565.60   $13,490.25 35%
Joe $3,048.30 $2,699.75 $1,610.35 $1,664.45 $1,920.60 $1,632.20   $12,575.65 33%
                $38,361.95 100%

Graph 2, below, is a Pie Chart depicting the total monthly sales commission and the corresponding percentage.

In answering these two further management questions, the information provided is inclusive and precise. Within the next few weeks, more data will be analyzed, and as always, inquiries needing answers in numerical, table, or graphical form will be answered and presented.


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QSO-320 – Management Science thru Spreadsheets.


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