Body Fat and Eating Disorder

Body fat and eating disorder


Body fat and eating disorder

In today’s modern world humans are subject to many deferent health issues stemming from virus, diseases and bad health conditions. One major contributor to health problems in our bodies is body fat. When we think of body fat health problems, we can relate health issues like diabetes, certain cancers and heart problems to the body fat root. Pregnancy has proved to cause body fat even in the short term sometimes pregnancy may even cause long term body fat if not managed correctly. Another contributor to body fat is eating too much or having an eating disorder. (Eating disorder hope, 2019)

The increased body fat may be characterized as obesity. Being considered obese may stem from several reasons. Some researchers suggest that obesity is genetically influenced. In that they believe the amount of the body fat one stores and how and where the body chooses to store such fats is a genetic thing. Others believe inactivity is the cause of obesity. Not burning enough calories daily may cause one to take in an over consumption of calories daily that stores into fat. A major contributor may be due to an un healthy and un balanced diet. A lack of the essential vitamins found in fruits, seeds and vegetables to name a few could easily result in a day gone by eating only the bready sugary stuff and in no time these calories are storing up ad not getting burned by enough activity, resulting in storage, stored where you might ask. Well our bodies simple create a storage facility for the fat and body fat may be viewed as that facility. Obesity can occur at any stage of our lives so as we get older it is very important as we decrease in activity that we decrease our calorie intake to balance.

The loosing of body fat may have plenty health benefits. Lowering cholesterol is one of those benefits. “Skin Calipers is a method one can use when measuring the thickness of the skin related to cholesterol. A technician pinches the skin and then uses the skin caliper device to measure the thickness of the skin. Hydrostatic weighing is another technique to use. This process is referred to as underwater weighing, the process of this method compares our bodies normal body weight (outside the water) to our body weight while completely submerged. (Mayo clinic, 2019)

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regular or moving according to one’s calorie consumption to burn those calories helps with weight loss. Successful weight loss requires some well followed through strategies. Losing weight must be inner motivated as no one other than yourself can make you lose weight. One must want to do it for themselves. Set realistic goals aim to lose 2 pounds a week. Understand, research what it takes to lose 2 punds a week. Statistically 500 to 1000 calories need to be burned each day through the week in order to see such a change. The burned calories may be from lowering calorie intake and regular activity. (Mayo clinic, 2019)

Individuals who are anorexia see themselves as being fat. They limit the measure of sustenance they eat and turn out to be very thin. This issue begins at a youthful age. Usually in youngsters and for the most part females. Individuals who are bulimia see themselves as being overweight. Person who are bulimia often devour a lot of sustenance and then regurgitation or utilize a diuretic or even complete an over the top measure of activity to prematurely end the nourishment. Individuals who are bulimic are not overweight and nobody may feel that they have a dietary issue. Dietary issue can influence the body short and long haul. Present moment can cause snappy weight reduction, speedy weight gain from gorging and wooziness. Long haul can cause coronary illness, stir, tooth rot, wretchedness and harm to the throat. Individuals with dietary problems need to look for expert treatment to beat the issue.

(Eating disorder hope, 2019)

Although many reasons may cause health problems in our modern world. The importance is keeping as well balanced as we can and eating healthy to maintain a long, healthy and prosperous life.


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