Food Label and Health

Week 1 Food Label and Health

Food label and Health


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The 5/20 rule is an important rule to follow when dealing with ratios of types of foods that one should eat more of vs types of foods that are recommended to eat less of, based on the fact that some food contain to much or too little of the nutrition’s each individual requires. When we understand the 5/20 rule it may help us to better answer a very common question most of us are concerned with into the 21st century. I’m I eating healthy. Yes or No?

What is the 5/20 rule?

Choosing what to eat daily is important as what we eat effects our health. The nutrients in our food become the main structure of our bodies, therefore; we truly are what we eat.

. A good example of the 50/20 rule would be if someone is experiencing the cold of flu symptoms. He/she has a low immune system and would need high vitamin C nutrients consisting of 20% of the intake of nutrients vs another person who might be experiencing problems with bad heart healthy. Such a person should not be consuming more than 5% of saturated fat and not 20%. In Summary the 5/20 rule is a scale of nutrition guideline of which nutrients humans should require more of vs what we should be consuming less of based on everyone’s personal health needs. A good example would be green beans vs chicken wings. While wings offer plenty of iron that contains a very important nutrient known as vitamin E, on the flip side, it contains 10% saturated fat. Green beans on the other hand contain 0% saturated fat and 2% less calcium and an even amount of iron. The green beans are therefore a more suitable choice.

Food Labels

Food labels are therefore put in place to provide up to date information about what we are consuming and identifying what nutrients go into our body from the foods we choose. Reading the information on the label/s is important for one’s health. The earth is always evolving, and new food products are always emerging therefore; always making sure what is in our food is important. The chart below will illustrate an example of what I would change on the food label.

Food MaltoMeal Cinnamon Toasters Coca-cola blueberry fanta Libby’s cut green beans    
Caleries per serving 130 160 20    
Percentage from calories from fat 30 0 0    
Carbohydrates (grams) 24g 43g 4g    
Protein (grams) 1g 0 .9g    
Fiber (grams) 0 0 0    

The proposed plans to change the labels would be good to know because it would show not only what you can see above but also what the product doesn’t have that your body should it is essential to know what should and should not be in our bodies.


Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices, Mary B. Grovenor, Lori A Smolin: Wiley and Sons 2015.

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