SEC 315 Assignment 2: Briefing Report

Briefing Report

SEC 315: Security Assessment and Solutions

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Briefing Report


In this paper, we will see what actions are needed for in the briefing report of the “Federal Protective Service: Actions needed to resolve delays and inadequate oversight issues with FPS’s risk assessment and management program. And how most of the changes that are taken place by the FPS and its reactive results that have been seen in, for example; the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11th (9/11) terrorist attacks. It also mentions that other threats are being ignored and could have potentially been explored. We will also evaluate and determine the measurements that can be taken from FPS. Comparing securities, describing the security measurements, and finding out what the weaknesses will be seen within the FPS.

Evaluate the security measures taken by the FPS and determine if the measures are comprehensive enough, given any potential threats not mentioned in the report:

According to Rectanus, (2019) stated, that all the agencies that Government Accountability Office (GAO) had taken into the organization did not meet the required criteria. Federal Protective Services (FPS) seemed to outline the steps and measurements, for example, development of human capital strategies using programs that are tailored within the policies. This process evaluates the security measures in order to identify the workflow and be able to detect any vulnerabilities or gaps.

Although FPS has not mastered it enough in the comprehensive aspect, to avoid any potential threats they need to follow the four (4) primary criteria (Rectanus., 2019):

Compare the security measures provided by the FPS to those of a commercial building with which you are familiar:

  • The mission, goals, and objective.
  • The responsibilities.
  • Coordination and sharing of information.
  • Any organizational culture.

FPS includes security measures to commercial buildings of governmental agencies and not only facilitates daily operations but reviews and revises procedures within the guidelines of Government Accountability Office (GAO). Comparing the security, they have the staff model which targets any potential threats within visitors or any unknown people entering the building. In accordance with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also are in comparison with these models because interviewing officials by communication within the neighboring agencies, sharing information, better alignment in coordination, and for the same purpose of the mission, they would like to attain (Scire., 2006).

Describe the weaknesses that still exist within the protocols defined by the FPS:

The weakness that still exists within are the funds that are not available or not enough to provide the necessary needs. For example, to have an effective process that will work, FPS must have enough funds to invest in best Information Technology (IT) system and in addition to the communication system. Having the top-notch system in place allows any of the agencies to be protected to an extent. It may not be the best solution as problems are always arising, and those who do not perform well, or the cost of service was not rendered, and national priorities were also the weakness that may still exist (Governmental Accountability Office., 2007).

Describe the security measures that you see at your nearest federal building as well as the security measures that you believe may not be obvious to other observers:

Living in Washington, D.C., I get to see how federal buildings vary from each other and how some are obvious, and some are not. For example, the United States Capitol has traffic checkpoints are the first start where the officers stop you and check your vehicle and your identification cards before to entering the area. Other federal building, like a courthouse you can park and then enter the building where they check you first. It is evident that more secure measurements are taken when entering a high-class territory versus a middle-class territory. Not saying that one is more important than the other but one is definitely more obvious and secure than the other.


The results in the briefing should be determined by FPS who can, for example, provide a remote modeling alarm system within the building in addition to radio monitoring. This allows the dispatchers to get direct around the clock services that can attend or answer to the call directly from guards and or police officers (Scire., 2006).


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