SOC 1010 Unit III Journal Reflection

Journal Reflection SOC 1010 Unit III

SOC 1010, Introduction to Sociology

Columbia Southern University

Journal Reflection SOC 1010 Unit III

For this journal entry, I was asked what experience have I’ve had with role exiting? To what extent does my experience match Ebaugh’s four stages of role exit described on page 100 of the textbook? Then to explain my rationale.

I haven’t had an experience with role exiting that included any of the subjects listed on the journal entry question such as from a sports team, a religious group, the military. I am in the military but have not left yet and hope not to do so for some time. To answer these questions, I looked back to my decision to join the military. I was at a point in my life where I wanted a change due to the decision I spoke about in my previous journal entry, where I asked my at the time girlfriend to marry me. I knew that the current jobs I had would not support us the way I thought she deserved. Looking back the experience was similar in nature to Ebaugh’s for stages of role exiting. I was in doubt because I didn’t think the current path I was on was the correct path for my future. I was also frustrated that there was little room for advancement in either of the two jobs I was currently working. I then started looking for other jobs in the area as well as the military. There weren’t any viable jobs locally so I spoke with recruiters from each branch of the military and finally settled on the Air Force. I wanted to leave the area as soon as possible so I agreed to join without a specific job selected and let the Air Force choose where they needed me the most. This brings me to the final stage of role exiting, a new identity. The Air Force assisted in completing this for me over the six weeks I was in basic training they broke me down from the civilian I joined as and built me into an airman molded in their image.

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