SOC 1010 Unit VIII Journal Reflection

Journal Reflection SOC 1010 Unit VIII

SOC 1010, Introduction to Sociology

Columbia Southern University

Journal Reflection SOC 1010 Unit VIII

For this journal entry, I was asked to identify an assignment in this course that had a positive impact on me. How will I be able to apply the skills I learned from it to gain life and/or career success?

To be honest there were several assignments that I enjoyed and that had an impact on me in this course. It has been a great experience for me learning about these different concepts that influence the person that you without you knowing they are influencing you. I think that the assignment or lesson that had the biggest impact on me was the lesson on breaking social norms. It was fun to learn about these things that each cultural exhibit and most of the time don’t realize the effect they have on their day to day lives. I enjoyed going into work and actually breaking the norms and observing the reactions that were caused by going against the grain so to say. The assignment required me to break one norm but I decided that I would have more enjoyment by breaking multiple norms and I was correct. I think that I will be able to continue to use this norm breaking to help teach others to recognize that their day to day actions have an effect on others and that their actions can be perceived as negative or positive based on the individual observing them. In my job I am asked to push other to think outside the box and this is a tool that I think I can add to my “leadership toolbox”.

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