SOC 1010 Unit VI Journal Reflection

Journal Reflection SOC 1010 Unit VI

SOC 1010, Introduction to Sociology

Columbia Southern University

Journal Reflection SOC 1010 Unit VI

For this journal entry, I was asked to respond to two questions. To what extent does gender influence the opportunities I have and obstacles I face? How conscious am I of my gender and its possible influences on my life?

In today’s society we like to think that men and women are equals in as many aspects as possible but I am reminder on a near everyday basis that there are things that are just so far apart that it is hard to imagine it being corrected in my lifetime. Currently I am in the military and even in this career women still have to fight for equality in certain aspects. I am very concisions of gender inequality in the military and I am sorry to say that I myself have unintentionally benefited from my gender. I like to think that my gender doesn’t have a factor in the opportunities that I have been given but my gender has at times benefited the end results of an opportunity. I do clearly see that it is easier to be a male in the military in some regards and that women at times face more challenges in regards to the standards they are held to compared to the standards males are held to. On the flip side of this I also think there are things that women benefit from because of their gender such as physical fitness requirements I think there should be a minimum standard across the board rather than a minimum standard for each gender.

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