SS 236 UNIT 4 Assignment

UNIT 4 Assignment


SS 236


I currently reside in the state of Florida. Many know it is as the “sunshine state” or the more official motto “in god we trust”. When people think of Florida, they may think of the sandy beaches and beautiful water or the rich tourist industry that bring millions to our state yearly.  In my opinion, it is a great place that has great attributes as well as being a melting pot of many different cultures.

Florida has a history of voting both democratic and republican. Although in the last presidential election, all of Florida’s 29 electoral votes were republican. I think this is based on the “working class”, which makes up a large part of Florida, sided more with Trump vs. Clinton in the previous election. Trump vowed to “take care” of the working class while Hilary focused on the support of the Hispanic community. Florida does have a lush Hispanic community in south Florida but central and north of the state is less “cultured”. This is why the republicans were able to win over the state.

According to (, In the state of Florida, we have two congressional senators. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson. Senator Bill Nelson is affiliated with the democratic party. According to Senator Nelson’s Biography, Nelson was first elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2000. Since he stated in the senate he has tackled many issues such as exposing BP oil during the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill and issues with big wall street banks. Now in his third term, he is fighting to lower taxes and also better education for Florida residents. Before the senate, he did various jobs dealing with Florida government such as being part of U.S Congress and Florida state treasurer.

Marco Rubio began his career by getting elected to the West Miami City Commission in 1998. He then was elected into the house of representatives for a while until he ran for U.S senate in 2009. He still remains in the senate but decided to run for president in 2016. He failed to pick up the support he hoped for and dropped out of the presidential race shortly after.

I feel that Senator Bill Nelson acts as a delegate as he hears what the people are saying and what they want and tries to act according. Marco Rubio seems to be more on the trustee concept as he does what he thinks is for the best. I came to this conclusion after thinking of how Senator Rubio ran for president.

After researching both Senators, I have come to the conclusion that I fully support Senator Bill Nelson. I, personally think the things he has done while in office have been effective and best for the state of Florida. This is not to discredit what Marco Rubio has done but it does raise some questions as to why he would run a presidential campaign. I feel that his time in office was too short for people to take him as a serious contender for president. Both senators are effective but my support lies with Senator Nelson.


Senator Bill Nelson Biography

Marco Rubio Biography (April 04, 2018)

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